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The Nia Collective

The NIA Collective was created by and for lesbians of African descent. The organization was founded in 1987 during the Black Caucus at The Lesbian of Color Conference in San Francisco.

The word "NIA" was chosen for it's meaning: purpose in the language of Swahili. African Americans are familiar with the Term as the 5th principal of Kwanzaa, the winter harvest celebration.

The "purpose" of NIA is to collectively build a network through self-definition, self-acceptance and acceptance of each others, as lesbians, of people of African descent and as women.

The Collective's principal project has been an annual gathering.

Recently we have enlarged our vision and our scope to meet the needs of lesbians of African descent throughout the year. We are committed to excellent social, political, educational and spiritual health of us all!

Statement of Purpose:

To promote love, honor, solidarity, and integrity among Lesbians of African Descent, in our communities and in our society;

To produce and provide an annual egalitarian retreat or gathering to affirm the existence of Lesbians of African Descent through a spiritual, social, and educational milieu;

To offer community-based outreach which encompasses networking opportunities, social and cultural events and economic awareness for Lesbians of African Descent;

To provide support for Lesbians of African Descent of all ages to foster self-esteem, visibility, self acceptance and empowerment;

To encourage and nurture educational assistance through mentoring and scholarships for Lesbians of African Descent; and to aid in fostering personal and professional enrichment.

The Annual Gathering:

Walking in Balance - 15 Year Reunion
Our New Gathering Date: November 22 -24, 2002
(Our 15th Annual Nia Collective Gathering date has changed from the weekend of 11/15/02)

This year's Gathering is a very special one - our 15th anniversary.

The theme, "Walking in Balance - 15 Year Reunion" will encompass a reuniting of the founding and former NIA members, a welcoming of sistahs who are attending for the first time and an embracing of sistahs who continue to come year after year. The workshops will focus on spirituality, health & wellness, economic vitality, political awareness, social networking and sexuality. We are actively planning these stimulating workshops and a forum discussion for you.

We have added a new element to our very special weekend - a Commitment Ceremony. You can commit to yourself or to a partner - so start thinking about this very special occasion.

Please join us to make this a special anniversary year. We encourage you to call our hotline and give us suggestions to help shape the weekend retreat.

Also, be sure to register early!

As always, we appreciate and need volunteers for the Gathering and to help sustain NIA.

Post Office Box 10863
Oakland, CA 94610-0863
Phone: 510-869-4403




Come Celebrate with Nia - Juneteenth at the Russia River
River Event - June 15, 2002

Nia River Event Activities:
Pool Party
  Music & Fun
  Games & Prizes
  Bar-B-Que & 
  River Fun

When / Where:
June 15, 2002
(11am - Until)
River Lane Resort
16320 First Street
Guerneville, CA.
1-800-201-2324 ©2001

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