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In Our Words is a new section on FemmeNoir, which will allow women to speak of their lives and experiences In Their Own Words. I realize the power of words and how they can be used to help another who may feel alone in their own experiences.

Submissions can be made anonymously, or you can choose to post your real or pen name. Please submissions and let me know how you want your name to appear for your submission.


The House of Sisters
By Imani Ingram

A mysterious house with a host of equally mysterious house guests -- all women and very powerful indeed. Read this wonderful fairytale written for a German Fairytales class. Although, you will see, it is not German but quite Afrocentric. Enjoy.

Love Is Blind But Now I See
By: Shameal K. Nelson

What happens when you fall in love with a woman who has two lovers, you and the ever clinging monkey? Read this story of one woman's experience when love is blind.

First Love
by: Regi38

What did you do last summer? A young woman experiences first love during summer break.

Another First Love
By: Imani

Everybody plays the fool sometime and nothing lasts forever. Read the tale of one lover as she sees her love end she watches another love begin. Will it last? That's the question.

By: Imani

Deb and Jude like to "spice things up" every now and then. Read on and discover the contents of their spice rack.

What Is Love?
By: Cass

When love comes knocking at your door are you gonna let it in? What if, after opening the door, you find it's not quite what you expected?


Renair Amin

"As far back as I can remember, I have been picking up a pen to express myself. Over the many stones and broken down roads I have traveled, I have been led to the place where I am today. Although it has taken a long time for me to bring my work to the world, I am here and ready to go. Someone asked me why do I write. My response? I found that I can connect to others with my words.

Chyann L Oliver

Chyann Oliver is a 19 year old African-American lesbian, aspiring author of poetry and college student living in Maine. She writes a lot about what she observes in life and it pleases her to share her love for writing with other people.

Samantha Johnson

Samantha Johnson is a published author whose work appears in United Press' book A Passion for Poetry.

Roberta M. Rosa

Roberta is a 23 year old Puerto Rican slam poet from Lorain, OH (city in the Cleveland Area) who wanted to contribute a poem she wrote about the struggle of being a lesbian.


An accomplished poet whose work also appears on Kuma


An up and coming artist and writer of both poetry and short stories. Look for more of her work very soon.

Annie Knight (Mable)

Raking Concrete

M. Bennett Hooper

Ms. Hooper says about herself, she's "a fairly literate opinionated 65 year old survivor whose life has been influenced by many courageous personalities from all walks of life. Most of all my major influences after parents have been writers, and teachers. I can't begin to list them all so I won't list any." She won the July Poetry Slam hosted by Memphis Sound & Syllable and has begun spoken word appearances in Memphis, TN. "I shall tape a one half hour interview and poetry reading on community access television. One has to start somewhere. I waited until I turned 65 to get the courage to just scream."

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