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Gallery -- Around Town

Reading At Matais Books, Cards & Art

On Saturday, July 9, 2005, I visited the only Black LGBT bookstore in the nation ? Matais Books.  Owned by Matais Pouncil, it has been in operation for four years and celebrated its fourth year anniversary on Friday.  Featured authors were Samiya Bashir reading from her book published by Redbone Press, Where the Apple Falls; Trish Carter reading from her book Linger; and Alisa (aka The Pussy Peddler) reading from her book The Pussy Poems.  The following are images I took from the event.  I urge everyone to purchase their books, cards and artwork from Matais Books or visit his website at 


Alisa, aka The Pussy Peddler, read from her book The Pussy Poems. You can order her book at Matais Books at You can contact her at

Alisa Showcasing Her Book


Folks gathered afterward to meet and greet, talk with the authors, and purchase books.


Matais Books, Artifacts, Cards, Art & Gifts

Located at 3202 E. Broadway in Long Beach, it is a beautiful spot located in the heart of the GLBT community in Long Beach. Wonderfully appointed, Matais Books offers a comfortable sitting area to read and hosts a gallery of artwork from talented artists. If you are in Southern California, it is a place you don't want to miss visiting.

Trish Carter, Matais Pouncil, Samiya Bashir and Alisa

Matais Pouncil preparing for business as folks gather to purchase books.

Samiya Bashir discussing her work.

Samiya Bashir

Trish Carter

Trish Carter discusing her work.



This year's Serafemme concert was "da bomb."  Marquita and her street team did a wonderful job putting this together.  I was there with both digital video camera and still cameras to cover a portion of the event.  Below are the stills and there are more on Out & About's Flickr site.  I'll have a full two hours of video here soon so stay tuned.

Hanifah Walidah and D'Lo

Vendor Area

Hanifah Walidah & D'Lo

Hanifah Walidah & D'Lo doing Libations

Angie Evans


Member of Myriad

Member of Myriad


O'Shea from Myriad

Jessica Knox

Smooth R&B / Urban Soul and Contemporary Jazz Artist, JESSICA KNOX has a sensuous style, sharing a beautiful message of hope. Born under the northern lights of Alaska, JESSICA KNOX has an unusually intoxicating voice. Growing up an army brat, hers is a voice sweetened by southern influences of Texas, and enlightened by cleansing mists of the Pacific Coast on Half Moon Bay where she listened to Jazz greats like African Jazz pianist, Abdullah Ibrahim at the Bach.


Butchlalis de Panochtitlan

Ganessa James

Onliest is a New York City based soul band created and fronted by twins Tiffany "Zelle" James and Ganessa "Dez" James. Onliest is about uniqueness. Weaving spellbinding harmonies with thought provoking lyrics, Onliest rocks to crowds held rapt by the synthesis which is their music.



“Kamala” is originally from India, Bombay. She was adopted by a loving and caring Belgian couple when she was 9 months old. She has a multi-cultural family; her brother is from Korea and her sister from India. She has graduated from College in 2001. Since her childhood, she is listening to Rap and hip-hop music and is influenced by the American style as well as the French one! " To understand the true meaning of Hip-Hop; we need to have the knowledge of its roots"---kamala--- "Hip-Hop is a culture and a way of lifestyle"---kamala--- "Through Music we express ourselves, we are exposing the real truth of what's happening out there"


Sphear & Tracy

Sphear & Tracy


This young vibrant artist has been pruning her skills over a decade & is ready 2 unleash terror on the hip-hop/rap world. Yes there is a difference. We have been deligently waiting 4 some 1 2 bring it back to the West coast & now she's here if U love stories, hot beats, tight hooks & versatility then U will love RICOSHADE the same. So sit back relax strap on yo seat belt UR N 4 A hell of a ride.



Nayahri Suhalia

Note Latrice was working that GL2.

Nayahri Suhalia

Marquita Thomas and Hanifah Walidah watching the show







Marquita Thomas of Out & About


Left to Right: Diane, Nayahri Suhalia, and Tracy


Cabrini's Jazz Alley

The following photos are from Cabrini's Jazz Alley.  Lots has changed since I was last there and I hear the walls came down providing a bigger, better view of the live acts performing on Friday and Saturday Nights.  Suffice it to say, these photos are old but not for long.  I'll be stepping by there one night to give you an inside view of what Cabrini's up to these days so stay tuned. 

In the meantime, if you're in town and want a nice easy place to hang your hat, listen to live music while enjoying pleasant company, check out Cabrini's Jazz Alley. Doors usually open around 9:00 p.m. and the sets take off 'round10:00 p.m.  Parking is available across the street at Ralph's.  Call for show times and updates @ 323-662-9923.  

(Thanks to the Mozilla Firefox Users who alerted me to the mess)


The beautiful sign over the entrance to Cabrini's Spot

Cabrini on the mic

Sign For Cabrini's Coffee Bar

By day, Cabrini's Spot is a Koffee Boutique. In the evenings, it is a gathering place for women where she hosts live music events, poetry readings, and yoga.

Antiques, Black Art, and comfortable tables for sitting, sipping, and relaxing.

Gather Around

Gather 'round and meet clients. What a nice place to bring a friend to talk. No, this ain't Starbucks, but it is a wonderful place to meet and greet while having a conversation without wondering who's listening.

The Bigger Spot

The Spot is designed for change. The tables and chairs seen above can be moved and chairs (hidden in the back) are set up to hold meetings or small conferences.

Wanna Just Sit And Read A Good Book

This little comfortable cove is useful for unwinding. On occassion (and I'll have to check this), you can receive a massage for a little extra added comfort and relaxation. And don't just sit there, look around and you'll find interesting news and information about talented sisters in our community.

A One-Sided View

Prior to expansion, this was The Spot. Look at what one year has done. She has expanded to provide us with more room to meet and greet. Additionally, there are big screen televisions throughout for those days when you want to catch a basketball game or Monday Night Football.

Steps To The Loft

Yes, she built this too and I've heard there have been some pretty good chess games up in the loft. But, you've got to see the bathroom (not shown). Oh yeah, it's clean and it's beautiful. It takes a sister to think about making everything beautiful.

Jeff Robinson Entertains The Crowd

Jeff has played at Spagatini's in Seal Beach, the Pasadena Jazz Festival, and Catalina Bar and Grill. It was great hearing him at Cabrini's Spot Friday night.

A Nice Crowd In Equally Relaxing Surroundings

Rita Hayes Sells Her Work "Naked Pride"

I had to buy this picture. In fact, I was drawn to it. Rita told me she has been drawing a long time but only recently decided to sell her work. I'm glad I was there for this one. You can contact Rita to purchase her work at

Naked Pride

You can contact Rita to purchase her work at

Cola -- Body As Art: Temporary Henna Design

Cola does beautiful creations with henna. Here she does a "Peace" design on a woman's arm. You can contact Cola at

Cola -- Body As Art: Temporary Henna Design

The finished product.

Cola -- Body As Art: Temporary Henna Design

Another work of art

Jeff Robinson Entertains

Jeff Robinson Entertains

As The Clock Struck Midnight

Jeff Robinson broke out into soulful R&B and worked the crowd.

... And Worked It

... And Worked It

... And Worked It

... And Worked It

Cabrini & Company

Cabrini & Company

Though I still cannot believe I left the house after 9:00 p.m. and was out past my bedtime, I'm glad I went. I enjoyed myself, thanks to Cabrini and the wonderful women and men who work with her to make Cabrin's Koffee Boutique a hit. Don't forget to order a Tibetan Tea while there.

Cabrini's Spot and Jazz Alley
5664 W. 3rd Street @ LaBrea in Los Angeles, CA
(parking is available across at Ralph's or around the corner)

If you would like to rent Cabrini's Spot for an event or gathering, please contact Cabrini



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