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January 21, 1993 Newsweek Article on Lesbians. 

Article:  Coming Out Strong -- What are the limits of tolerance?

"Lesbians have always been the invisible homosexuals.  There are an estimated 2 million to 3 million of them in the United Statesfar fewer than the approximately 5 percent of the population represented by gay men.  Activists believe that most lesbians haven't come out.  But now, during the dawning of the 'Gay 90's,' these women are stepping front and center."  Click here or image to view pdf.




 National Coalition of Black Lesbians and Gays 10th Anniversary Edition

Articles by Renee McCoy, C. Craig G. HarrisBlack Lesbians And Gays: Empirically Speaking, Interview by Angela BowenBEYOND THE RAINBOW Interview With National Campaign Worker Randy Miller, Lynell JohnsonWomen Of Color And Aids, Barbara SmithWe Must Always Bury Our Dead Twice, Joseph BeamNot A Bad Legacy, Brother, and more.  Very good reading and some good history.  Click here or image to view pdf.






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