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Sharon Bridgforth and RedBone Press publisher Lisa Moore at Brentano's Bookstore in Cleveland
photo by Lincoln Pettaway

RedBone Press is the only Black lesbian-owned publishing house in the country dedicated to publishing the work of black lesbian writers.  Lisa Moore is someone who is committed to creating history.  

"Lisa is ... changing the face of the publishing industry, literally. So around the country, people in the publishing industry, particularly in the small press pockets, are taking notice of what Lisa's doing." What's she doing? "A lot of the publishers don't think black people read and buy books. And she's selling.  Her target is black lesbians, but she's selling universally and selling lots. So they all want to know, 'How are you doing this?' Particularly with work like mine."  -- Sharon Bridgforth (Website:

Lisa Moore will be featured in December's Leaders/Legends Section.  So Stay Tuned!

New Releases

New From RedBone Press
Sharon Bridgforth's Latest Book!

Sharon Bridgforth's new novel, *love conjure/blues.* is out and the books are on their way to RedBone's distributor, and on from there to bookstores.  You can order directly from RedBone Press, or request the books from your local bookseller.  Just print the pdf at right, hand it to the bookstore staff, and they'll know how to order from there.

Books are $14 plus $2.50 shipping if purchased directly from Lisa Moore at Redbone Press.  [Click image at right for full display]


Samiya Bashir's New Book
Where The Apple Falls

Where the Apple Falls by Samiya Bashir resides at the intersections between woman & female—both human and environmental—and the concepts to which she is often linked  (without her consent): death, rebirth, victim, sexual/perverse. It explores the spaces wherein her agency is defined or rejected both from within and without. Seasons are crucial: from the birth of Spring through Autumn’s final harvest the work suggests a recasting of the farmer; a reclamation of both the fall and redemption/death/(re)birth on her own terms.

Finally, Where the Apple Falls highlights the resilience of strength. Even strength denied does not die. Instead, it continues to grow in power, waiting for its calling. We cannot call that which we have forgotten to imagine. Where the Apple Falls reminds us to imagine, encourages us to answer the call, to revel in the beauty and possibility which we all embody, to consider our direction and route.

More Books From
RedBone Press Books

does your mama know?- An Anthology of Black Lesbian Coming Out Stories

From the cover: By turns funny, passionate, angry and joyous, does your mama know? reflects the complexity of emotions that accompany a black lesbian's coming out. These 49 short stories, poems, interviews and essays - fiction and nonfiction - make up a powerful collection of original and new writing by 41 women. does your mama know? is ready to take its place in the halls of literary African-American lesbian voices.

RedBone Press, edited by Lisa C. Moore, ISBN 0-9656659-0-9, 1997, paperback, 314 pp.  Price:  $19.95

The bull-jean stories, by Sharon Bridgforth

Using traditional storytelling and nontraditional verse to chronicle the course of love returning in the lifetimes of one woman-loving-woman named bull-dog-jean, The bull-jean stories give cultural documentation and social commentary on African-American herstory and survival. Set in the rural South of the 1920s, The bull-jean stories herald the spirit of the African-American people.

RedBone Press, by Sharon Bridgforth, ISBN 0-9656659-1-7, 1998, paperback, 109 pp.   Price:  $12.00



The bull-jean stories (On CD), by Sharon Bridgforth

The bull­jean CD was created because both bridgforth and Moore were often told what a difference was made in the enjoyment of bull­jean when heard aloud. ´Bull­dagger stories beg to be heard aloud,´ was written in a review in Southern Voice, a weekly publication. And the rest is history, as they say.

The bull­jean CD is a family affair. bridgforth reads (No! She performs), her daughter sings and Moore"s father (who is a professional musician, usually playing the blues) plays guitar on the CD.   Price:  $12.99

Ordering Information

Send checks or money orders to:
RedBone Press
P.O. Box 15571
Washington, DC 20003

Phone:  (202) 667-0392


"To ignite and/or feed the flame of creativity of African-American GLBT writers through an annual conference that provides educational, networking and promotional opportunities with other African-American GLBT writers, thinkers, teachers, publishing and media professionals."


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