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Roberta M. Rosa


Roberta is a 23 year old Puerto Rican slam poet from Lorain, OH (city in the Cleveland Area) who wanted to contribute a poem she wrote about the struggle of being a lesbian.

You tell me bc you are still ignorant to the same type of love that we…………shhhhhh
Shared? Shaken? Shitted? Out of the Clossss
It subject tabled for the next discussion at the table
People have suspicions but you lie in their face
You keep on getting read like aesopes fables
Labels not record not soup
Tell people that are worth to you the TRUTH
And they make you feel less being
being less of a breast or long hair and lipstick
all those gem is truly outrageous days w/ your sister gone
as you have a subtitle of butch or miss-ter?
OUCH blister in your heart
Nomore estee lauder days w/ mommy
And no ice cream w/ daddy
Congratulations girl you are the new rainbow brite
Cant hide under this array of color
Scared to come out, let go, not in bondage and be free
Walk in your shoes, never denial is not me.
With your head down walking feeling being less
Less being she doesn’t want to stand up peeing
Nor get a mental beating
From preacher thing or mayor ching or mr street hustla bling bling
Open your mouth your voice doesn’t match hers
That’s not how she sings
Less being Human Feeling?
Quit thinking that your are being less
Than a lesbian

Written by: Roberta M. Rosa