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Annie Knight (Mable)

Raking Concrete
By Annie Knight (Mable)
 I don't know why I'm
 raking concrete,
 rubbing thighs,
 masking screams
 with your chest,
 forking over
 opiate like lust
 Whisky sour
 nipple shower
 baby suck
 Is feminism spread by
 Flapping gums
 just clash and clatter
 Disappointing mommies
 made food you gobbled
 Now you spit words
 for her to mop up
 while your voice molds
 under my hard feet
 Clinging to him,
 while I pelt you
 with actions
 I'm sorry,
 I didn't see you there
 Just silver forks and spoons
 clinking during lunch rush
 It's a work ethic indeed
 Do or die?