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An up and coming artist and writer of both poetry and short stories.  Look for more of her work very soon.


The sexy curl of a sistaís lips
Pronounced like curves of a womanís hips
Puffiness saying, Iím soft to the touch

Iím loving them
Oh so much
The sexy curves of a sisaís lips
With a hint of hair

Almost like a womaní shaven private
A Re A
Makes me want to lick them with the tip
Of my tongue

                                © Copyright 2002



Is it the Need or is it Wanting
Needing within to give
More than physical loving
Needing to show your love

Wanting to caress
Or massage away
An aching or angst that another feels

Doing this without
Sexual gratification
Sexual reciprocation
No expectations
From the other

Wanting to give without expecting
To receive
In return 

Feeling a need to
Her brow or
The back of her neck

Until there is no more stress
No more need
Until it is wanted
Or there is a need for  


© Copyright 2002 by Bijon


Release thy self
It's good for your health
Release the pressure
When there is no one to please
No one that gives to you
An ease
Of the pressures held within
To feel the tingle of your skin

© Copyright 2002



The feeling of crisp air
A gust of wind moving my hair
No humidity
No dampness beneath my bust
No taste of dust
In my mouth

God send that breeze
It puts me at ease
Crisp air cleansing my lungs
Clear skies
Under which I do lie

On a clear day
Feel the ease
That comes with each breath
Each day
Tthat I live

     © Copyright 2002