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Samantha Johnson

Samantha will soon be published in United Press' upcoming book A Passion for Poetry which will be out early next year.


No more tears will I cry for Sandra
who could not care whether I lived or died
She is bitter joy to me now and I don't know how
I will ever laugh to the sound of Sandra
Her name once reigned in my head like whispers of the dead
But now it screams and shouts like the nightmares of my dreams
and leaves me filled with doubt
Sandra your name that God's graced me with pain

I was once a rose petal about to wither and die
Then Sandra came like a storm in the night and bought me back to life
You make my fire light burn so bright but now you're gone
and it's my time to mourn.



Mum second to God you are the most important thing to me
Strong like the branches of an oak tree

Mum youíve always been there through my times of great despair
And helped me through to see a day new to breathe fresh air

Mum when I call your name Iím relieved of pain
Happy that youíve managed to maintain
me during all these years of sadness and tears

At last you made me realise that all this faith I have in you
I needed to have in him too

Now with the almighty and you my fears have gone
Now peace and happiness have finally come
To me too in 2002 and through out all my days spent with
Him and you

Mum you are one of Godís angels in disguise
And the best mother of some seven kids and more
Who are all here to serve God once and for all

Mother Godís gift to us all.

Written by Samantha Johnson-Sheeran for her Mother, Pamela Francis Sheeran on her Birthday in Feb this year.