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Her Spirit Comes When I Drum

I Drum
When I drum her spirit comes
dancing to the beats, legs kicking high
feet jumping in the sky.

Hair flying everywhere as her head rocks
up and down, side to side. Moving to the
beats of me drumming.

She flings both arms towards the sky.
Bows down in reverence never missing
a beat in worship to the Goddess this
spirit woman of mine.

We seem to merge, me drumming her
dancing the room starts to heat as I beat.
She seductively dances closer and closer
to me. I smell her femaleness, a mixture
of musky tangy sweetness...it is her natural

She dances in front of me hair loose and wild.
Skin shining, glowing as she twists then twirls
she jumps up in the air and STOPS.

Leg's spread just wide enough she twirls again.
My eyes take notice of strong thighs, shoulders
arms and breast that never stop moving. I almost
missed a beat watching her. She gives me a knowing
smile and a wink.

She places her hand's firmly together almost to her Yoni.
Her hips moving as I slap my drum, every drum beat her
hips move back and forward. Her Yoni it seems almost in
my face.

ME? I almost lost my rhythm. She laughs with a twinkle in
her beautiful eyes, face flush and dripping. I am just dripping
arms, hands tired only wanting this woman dancer to be all

Her lips never moved, but I heard a whisper and I am crushed.
"See you when it's drum time again." As I slow my drumming
down Spirit Woman dances, hops, sways and skips away to the
beats of my drum.

I slowly stop drumming and the trance is broken. I sit quiet
breathing hard wanting her back dancing her spirit dance again.
All of her... Body...Hair flying loose and free... legs kicking up in
the sky.......