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Malika Smith
CEO of Gyrlz N Da Life Promotions

Malika is probably best known as the CEO of Gyrlz N Da Life Promotions.  A 39 year-old out lesbian of color who identifies proudly as butch. Married for 12 years to her loving wife Elaine. Parent of 4 children (3) boys and (1) girl. The oldest being 20 years-old and the youngest who is 3 years-old. Malika thanks the creator all the time for letting her be herself. The loving person who has all the riches in the world by having and sharing love with what is most important to her, HER FAMILY. Malika Smith is first and foremost a family woman devoted to taking care of her home FIRST.

Back in the early 1980’s Malika owned her own club in Harlem called  “The Waterfront” where she promoted parties for women. After taking on a position with the NYC Dept. of Corrections, Malika had to let go of promotions due to the demand of the job. She started Gyrlz N Da Life Promotions in the year starting the millennium (2k1). She began the organization after taking a lengthy vacation from the party scene for a few years. After visiting many places, Malika found she was not able to relate to the new scene. She needed something more of an intimate crowd who didn’t mind the ole’ school butch/femme days, a little jazz, classic R&B, fine cuisine and live entertainment. At first, she thought she was getting too old to have fun but her wife reminded Malika that she was more mature now.  In 1998, Malika started GIGIKA Productions where she promoted house parties in the NY/NJ metro area. This was a big hit for the more mature crowd. Women who were used to frequenting places like the Dutchess, Peaches, Network, La Femmes, Better Days, etc. found a safe haven with Malika and GIGIKA Productions. After 2 years of promoting house parties, she decided to embark upon a larger venture and bring back the ole school days to the club scene. Thus, creating Gyrlz N Da Life Promotions. Gyrlz N Da Life Promotions is the only promotions group in the NY/NJ metro area serving the ole’ school crowd ... "bringing back the ole’ school with Nu-Flava”.

Malika stated, “There are women who identify as butch/femme or who don’t identify with any labels around the ages of 30 and up looking for a place to go and network. At first, it looked like these women compromised what they really enjoyed just to fit in.

Now, Gyrlz N Da Life Promotions provide that space for women who don’t mind being in the company of mature women.  It doesn’t matter if you identify as butch, femme or if you don’t. It doesn’t matter if you are a woman of color or not. Gyrlz N Da Life Promotions embraces diversity and welcomes all who just love to have a good time in an atmosphere that is just simply unexplainable. I remember a young woman came to one of our events. She was a little younger than the average age group of our clientele. After the event and experiencing such a good time with us, she immediately came over and hugged me and said, “Please don’t change. You have such a wonderful spirit and everyone just gets along so well. I have never experienced nothing like this. Where were you all along? Please keep up the good work and don’t ever change your concept. I love the fact that you are selective with your clientele and I really love the way everyone interacts with each other with so much respect and class.”  After hearing those encouraging words, I decided that I would continue my journey in contributing to our community, the community of women who love women.”  Malika didn’t stop there. She serves as Chief Editor of Axess Promotions, the premiere online guide dedicated to LGBT event promoters, DJ’s, nightclubs and entertainers around the world. She also is very active in the African American community. Malika is the NY/NJ promoter of Gospel Music with Gospel Legacy Entertainment, a radio personality with Celebration of Gospel Radio Program whose show is scheduled to begin soon on WHCR. In addition, Malika volunteers her time with troubled youth in Essex County, NJ; victims of domestic violence and hate crimes, individuals with HIV/AIDS and Lesbians in Recovery. “I don’t want to be remembered as a legend, I just want to be a remembered as a positive contributor. The creator gave all of what I have freely, why can’t I give back freely?”

Malika Smith,CEO GnDL Promotions ©2000-2001
PO Box 1870 Montclair, New Jersey 07042
Gyrlz N Da Life Promotions at:

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Gyrlz N Da Life Promotions


July 26, 2001 - 01:18:30PM [US East] Business

Irvington, New Jersey July 26, 2001 -- aXess Promotions - an online and real-world community resource and guide to LGBT event promoters, DJ's and nightclubs around the world, announced today the worldwide launch of their website aXess Promotions.   [FULL STORY] ©2001

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