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Charlene Cothran...

Charlene Cothran is the founder of Cothran Publications, Inc., which publishes Venus: a lifestyles magazine for people of African descent in the life, which is now available in Canada, Amsterdam, London and Paris. The company's second title, The Healthy Living Pocket Guide, targets African Americans with prevention & treatment information. Cothran's third title will be The Black Traveler's Pocket Guide (April 2002).

Venus Staffers at the NY Gay & Lesbian Expo
Damion Mannings-Editor-at-Large, Charlene
Cothran-Publisher, Marian Farrah-Accountant, and Toni Caffey-Client/Volunteer of

Venus is a magazine for people of African descent in the ´life.´ Charlene is this determined sister, warm, all about the business when it comes to the magazine. She also has quite a sense of humor. She had me in stitches.

I asked her what she liked about Venus Magazine. She said, 'What's exciting and interesting is when a Black straight person gives me feedback on the fact that they picked up the magazine for a gay friend or co­worker.´ The friend or co­worker had no clue about the magazine. She states, 'For me this is very far reaching, it's broader than what we possibly had envisioned for the magazine. It's nice to hear someone's momma picks up the magazine for their gay child, or gay nephew or niece. It lets me know the magazine is respectable and not about T and A's.'

I asked her what she liked most about BLACKlines, Charlene said, ´I like the way BLACKlines makes ties with the African­American community at large. It's not just about the Black gay community, but the magazine makes ties with the straight community. The magazine isn't all about who's coming to town, it is about building bridges.´

She sees Cothran Publications unfolding on an international level. A magazine coming out of South Africa and other countries. She sees gays outside the U.S. as so progressive. ´I would really like to see the magazine distributed more on an international level one day.´ (From Blacklines Aug. 1999 -- Strutting With Pride in Gay New York by Sherri Jackson)


It's about time! And It also about YOU! Bold, Black, Gay and Beautiful. Definitely benchmark this site for frequent updates. Venus Online is where People of African Descent In The Life come together to explore national events, community news, entertainment news, theater, film and literature reviews, gay travel destinations, conference updates, cocktail lounges, gossip, advise and much more. This site is constantly evolving so stop by again soon!


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