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About Those Earthquakes

About Those Earthquakes

→  March 19, 2010 0

If I can say there is something good about being diagnosed with lupus I would have to say it is what I have had to do to keep myself calm. Staying calm keeps me from being reactionary, allows me to be more proactive, and enables me to listen to my body. I will admit, prior [...]

Oh My, Facebook Is Calling Me

Oh My, Facebook Is Calling Me

→  March 15, 2010 0

You know, I removed myself from Facebook because it became intrusive. There were too many games being played and too many invitations to play games. I’ve never been a big game player, not even cards, which meant the games being played on Facebook — and I’m talking about literal games — became too [...]

Earthquakes Make Me Nervous →  March 7, 2010 0

Literally, they make me nervous. I noticed this last year just before the 7.5 earthquake in Sumatra. Made me nervous for about a week prior to the day of the actual quake. What I noticed that day in September was I felt nervous that morning and then, by about noon, I was [...]

CES 2010:  Wishing I Could Be There

CES 2010: Wishing I Could Be There

→  January 8, 2010 0

The International Consumer Electronics Show is happening this weekend in Las Vegas and oh how I wish I could be there. Since learning my chemo would continue into 2010, I could not plan for CES this year because I’m going for chemo in the morning. Oh Joy!!! To add insult to injury, I feel [...]

Cracked Berry, Blackberry →  December 24, 2009 0

After my lackluster experience with the first generation iPhone — dropped calls, data interruption, and the inability to load Documents to Go or any software app that can view and/or send MS Office docs — I have learned to not depend on smartphones or any handheld device for that matter. A laptop, WiFi or [...]

What’s That?  HP Computers Are Racist? →  December 23, 2009 0

Oh no, not another manufacturer who missed the boat on who can use their equipment. I will never forget my awful experience trying to find voice recognition software only to discover the software was meant for men, men only, not the voices of women. Like Desi in the following video, I hooked up [...]

Microsoft’s Courier: Who’da Thunk It →  September 24, 2009 0

I’ve been knee deep in a project that has possessed — yes, I’m saying possessed — my life for about ten years. This project started as a waking dream in the fall of 1998 and I don’t believe a day has passed without some thought given to it. Recently, realizing this thing has been with [...]

Computers, Computers, Computers

Computers, Computers, Computers

→  September 19, 2009 0

I’ve been — as they say — off the grid for a while trying to configure a computer. Since my old one died I’ve been working on what to do with the new one. I did not feel like having drive bays fabricated for the new system and I certainly did not want [...]

Facebook — Fail

Facebook — Fail

→  August 30, 2009 0

First, I’ve not been around lately because chemo has a way of making you very tired. This week was one of those weeks to experience great fatigue and some aches and pains. I actually ended up throwing in the towel one day this week to just sleep, sleep, sleep. What a beautiful [...]

Love The Blackberry But Need More Apps →  August 9, 2009 1

I love my Blackberry Storm. I know, I know, a lot of folks don’t like the Storm and its touch screen but I do and I think it is because I started out with an iPhone. But, unlike the iPhone, the Blackberry doesn’t have the nice apps like the ones I use on [...]

The New iPhone 3GS

The New iPhone 3GS

→  June 16, 2009 0

Everything I’ve heard and seen about the new iPhone 3GS is wonderful.  I like the 3.0 megapixel camera, the autofocus, video, video editing, cut, copy and paste, hardware encryption, the ability to attach docs to emails and thankfully, Documents to Go has been released for the iPhone as well.  It’s great, wonderful, spectacular and you [...]

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Love The Blackberry But Need More Apps
→  August 9, 2009    1

Love The Blackberry But Need More Apps