Man In The Mirror

July 17th, 200912:18 am @ A.D. Odom


maninthemirrorI love the video by Jsmooth about striking a balance between the artist, the microphone and the camera.  It’s poignant and to the point.

For me, Michael’s story is similar to that of Echo and Narcissus.  Like Narcissus, Michael perfected his dance, his style, his music and yes, even his person. He was gifted and beautiful.  Like Narcissus, once he caught his reflection in the waters, he could not tear himself away and over time he could neither eat nor drink.  He lost his color, his vigor, his strength and his will to live before dying of unrequited self-love.

Unlike Narcissus, he was willing to share his loves with the world but, as it was with Narcissus, no one could get close enough to love him or be loved by him.

As for the rest of us, we are like Echo.  We repeated his words, his deeds, his clothes, his dance steps and anything else — both good and bad — there was of Michael.  Now, all that is left is the faint hint of Echo’s voice . . . . goodbye.

Perfection is elusive.  Self love?  Equally so if you are prone to focus outward and not inward.  The microphone and the camera represent today’s still waters.  You can see your reflection in them and if you are a perfectionist — looking always to make your reflection better — then you will need some barrier between yourself and the reflection.  Something that will cause you pause, something that will prevent you from staying too long at the river’s edge staring at your own reflection.

I agree with JSmooth.  Striking a balance is important as the next generation of artists take center stage.  There will be another musical genius like Michael Jackson and like him they too will seek to perfect their art.  Hopefully, learning a lesson from the past, someone will help them strike that balance by placing a barrier between becoming a brand and being human lest we find another soul, somewhere in time, sitting by the river’s edge.  What was once most beautiful increasingly became ugly as the focus turned outward not inward.  Make that change.

JSmooth — Dance You Into The Sunlight