Diane Sawyer's Interview With Jackson's Dermatologist

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Taped fingertips. From Martin Bashir's Living With Michael Jackson. Looks like Michael's middle fingertip is turning purple too.

Michael Jackson’s dermatologist, Arnie Klein, told Diane Sawyer he was the one who diagnosed Michael’s lupus.   I did not see this interview but I hope to see the full interview soon — perhaps on YouTube.  I heard the interview also covered his bad acne, red patches across his face — which happens if you are experiencing what is known as the butterfly rash — and more.

Klein said “it blew me away because here I’m diagnosing the most famous person in the world with a very serious ailment.”  He also said something had to be done to Jackson’s skin after it started to be marked with “severe speckling.”   Notably, Klein addressed the issue of plastic surgery stating “at the same time he was in the hands of plastic surgeons who didn’t know when to stop. But he felt he was a piece of art, that his face was a piece of art.”

In other news, I finally watched the Martin Bashir interview, Living With Michael Jackson, last night.  I don’t know why I didn’t see the interview earlier — probably working — but since I saw the interview on YouTube I decided to watch all nine parts.  It was interesting.  I will admit some fascination with the end of the interview when I saw Michael tape his fingers.  According to Bashir, Michael became tense when they got down to this part of the interview because he knew Bashir would ask him about the cosmetic surgery.  You can see Michael is tense, perspiring and as Bashir states in the interview, Michael flew in his own lighting expert who apparently lit him to add color to his face.

MJtapingAs he prepares for the interview, Michael is seen tearing away at what looks like medical tape and begins taping three of the fingers on his right hand.  It might have been the heat from the lighting or his nervousness but what became apparent to me was the discoloration of his fingers – as in no blood flowing sans the middle finger.  Later in the interview, Micheal holds up his hand (photo above) and you can see the middle finger has now turned a bit purple on the end.  Either the hot lights or nervousness caused him to experience some form of Raynaud’s phenomenon.  His fingers first look pale and then (as in the above photo) looks purple or blue.  During the interview, Michael is seen shaking and flexing the fingers on his right hand.

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