Earthquakes Make Me Nervous

March 7th, 201012:52 pm @ Angela Odom


Literally, they make me nervous. I noticed this last year just before the 7.5 earthquake in Sumatra. Made me nervous for about a week prior to the day of the actual quake. What I noticed that day in September was I felt nervous that morning and then, by about noon, I was fine. All was right and well. It was not until sometime later that day I learned of the earthquake and wondered if my nervousness had something to do with the quake.

I typically ignore these things. I have never really delved into that realm of predicting earthquakes. I’m too right brain to chart what I feel, match what I feel against heat in the earth, or track to see if my nervousness prior to a seismic event matched the actual event. I don’t have time for that. I typically start with “wow, I’m nervous, is everyone alright?” I try then to check in with folks, see if I feel anything from them and if all is well, I go on about my business.

The weekend before the earthquake in Haiti I knew I felt nervous. I really thought it had something to do with the cold I had and pushed myself into urgent care that Monday thinking if I didn’t I might regret it. My nervousness, strangely enough, subsided while sitting in urgent care and that was a coincidence because, about an hour later, the news broke about the earthquake.

The earthquake that struck Chile was different. I was extremely nervous the week of the Chilean earthquake and I honestly thought we were about to have an earthquake in Southern California. My nervousness did not let up after the Chilean earthquake but I did go to my computer Friday evening (about 9:00 p.m.) to see if there had been any noticeable earthquakes around Los Angeles. Never looked at the world map, which would not have helped me anyway since the quake didn’t happen until after 10:00 p.m., our time, Friday night.

Point is, I’m still nervous. It may be due in large part to the sizable quakes around the world since the Chilean quake. Perhaps it is due to the number of runaway animals reported lately around the neighborhood and from the site HomeAgain — my dogs are chipped and I signed up to get the alerts. Then again, maybe it is what I’m seeing on the USGS earthquake map for California which is showing tiny quakes coming our way from up north and tiny quakes coming our way from the southern portion of the state. I’m feeling like they are all converging this way, toward Los Angeles and surrounding areas, and perhaps I’m nervous because of that.

In the last few days, not only am I nervous, I’m jumpy too. I’ve been jumping at any and everything that sounds like a boom, knock, or bang. Just jumpy and last night I noticed the tiny little quakes are now arriving in the L.A. area, under Baldwin Hills, Walnut, and Temple City. Lions and Tigers and Quakes, Oh my!

Oh I hope these little guys are relieving stress and won’t awaken an angry fault line. I don’t know if I could bear it. If I should one day feel the nervousness go away and if I’m able to tweet about it . . . “Drop, Cover, and Hold On.” Good day!

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