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About Those Earthquakes

About Those Earthquakes

→  March 19, 2010 0

If I can say there is something good about being diagnosed with lupus I would have to say it is what I have had to do to keep myself calm. Staying calm keeps me from being reactionary, allows me to be more proactive, and enables me to listen to my body. I will admit, prior [...]

Earthquakes Make Me Nervous →  March 7, 2010 0

Literally, they make me nervous. I noticed this last year just before the 7.5 earthquake in Sumatra. Made me nervous for about a week prior to the day of the actual quake. What I noticed that day in September was I felt nervous that morning and then, by about noon, I was [...]

CES 2010:  Wishing I Could Be There

CES 2010: Wishing I Could Be There

→  January 8, 2010 0

The International Consumer Electronics Show is happening this weekend in Las Vegas and oh how I wish I could be there. Since learning my chemo would continue into 2010, I could not plan for CES this year because I’m going for chemo in the morning. Oh Joy!!! To add insult to injury, I feel [...]