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MJ’s Burial Set For August 29 →  August 17, 2009 0

According to MJ’s father, Joe Jackson, Michael Jackson’s body will be laid to rest on August 29, the day the King of Pop would have turned 51, his father told AFP. Joe Jackson said the birthday burial at Los Angeles’ Forest Lawn Cemetery would be a private event, although he could not say which [...]

Whitney Houston:  I Look To You

Whitney Houston: I Look To You

→  August 8, 2009 0

Whitney Houston’s I Look To You was available as a free download a few weeks back and I downloaded it with great anticipation and listened. The vocals were not the Whitney of old but the song was still beautiful and beautifully sung. I have heard other songs on the new soon to be [...]

MJ Did Have A Rheumy

→  July 7, 2009 0

Well, I go to TMZ and what do I see but a photo of MJ and Dr. Allan L. Metzger, Rheumatologist, Lupus Specialist and member of Lupus LA’s Medical Board.  According to the article on TMZ, Michael Jackson was a patient of Dr. Metzger until 2002.  Two years ago a friend recommended I see Dr. [...]

→  June 29, 2009 42

Note brace and tape on fingers A friend called me last night after reading an article on People Magazine’s website quoting Dr. Deepak Chopra.  In the article, Chopra says Michael Jackson had lupus and he goes on to say even his son knew he had lupus.  This caused my friend to ask me if I thought [...]

R.I.P. Michael

→  June 26, 2009 0

Michael Jackson: Will You Be There

Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds

→  June 8, 2009 1

This is a cute little story about a former nursery classmate of John Lennon’s son Julian.  I know a lot of people, myself included, thought the song had some reference to LSD until it was later learned the muse was actually Lucy O’Donnell.  One day John Lennon picked up Julian from nursery school and Julian [...]

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