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Living With Lupus:  Pre-Existing Conditions

Living With Lupus: Pre-Existing Conditions

→  March 9, 2010 1

SeattlePI has an interesting story about Capitol Hill resident Kami Bodily. Bodily lost her mother to lupus when she was 15. Today, Bodily struggles with lupus as well and she is without insurance. Bodily did have health insurance at one time but, due to a lapse in coverage, she can no longer get health [...]

I Need A Blood App For My iPhone →  March 9, 2010 0

Since disconnecting my iPhone from AT&T’s dead zone, I can now enjoy many of the apps available for the little device and let me tell you, it’s loaded. My Blackberry, on the other hand, is reserved for more serious applications. Though there are many apps available for it, I often find myself unwilling [...]

Hair Dye & Lupus? →  March 7, 2010 1

While reading The Autoimmune Epidemic, I came across a sentence that said: “Several studies have shown that women who use hair dye have three times the risk of developing lupus — that is, if they also carry specific genes that make them susceptible to autoimmune disease in the first place.”Hmmm, the key here is [...]

9th Chemo Treatment, The Autoimmune Epidemic & The Autoimmune Disease Summit →  March 5, 2010 1

Whew, now that’s a mouthful. Yes indeed I am going to combine three posts in one because I’ve got chemo brain and I can’t stay focused. Well no, actually, all of this came together in one day during chemo. Today was my day to sit in a chair and look stupid for a couple [...]

The Joy of Cooking & The Agony of The Feet

The Joy of Cooking & The Agony of The Feet

→  March 4, 2010 0

This is where I hang my head in shame to say for many years my stove sat as nothing more than installation art in my kitchen. What did I do all those years? I did what most do, I purchased sodium packs that I could easily pop into a microwave oven for another [...]

The Autoimmune Disease Summit →  March 3, 2010 1

To kick-off National Autoimmune Disease Awareness Month, the American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association (AARDA) released a report on the current state of autoimmune disease (AD) and its economic and social impact globally and in the U.S. The summit is taking place today, March 3, and unfortunately I was not able to get to the site in [...]

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