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Malika Smith, At The Movies With "The Frat"

When does this sistah get some rest? Malika Smith is doing it again!!! From Gyrlz N Da Life, Axess Promotions, Poetic Expressions to producer of a feature film, The Frat. I ain't mad at her.

Keep your eyes on this dynamic sistah and don't blink -- she's moving mountains.


Our story is about five young people attending a fictional college called, SU. First there is Cory and Josh, they have been dating for over three years. Malik is their best friend, he is a basketball star and a real lady's man. Next there is a sophomore named Sharon who just wants to belong. And finally there is Leslie, a freshmen who does something that she will not live to regret. They all have entered college with all the hopes and dreams of their parents, fancily members and friends of what they think and believe college life is supposed to be and the benefits that can come from attending college. But what we will see is a very different side of them develop. A side that is within each of them. A side that is in each of us. All because of the love of THE FRAT. The need to belong, can sometimes become an obsession for some. In order to just fit in. It can cause some people to risk everything to belong. They will do anything to belong to THE FRAT. And in the end... was all that you did, all that you risk and all the levels that you risk was is all worth it. All for love of, THE FRAT

If you are interested in casting for a part or if you are an artist ie. rapper, singer, etc. submit your pictures, Comp Cards, Head Shots, Video tapes, Audio tapes for our review. One of our producers will contact you if you are chosen for an audition date.

Our Film Policy
At CRFreeman we are setting a standard

We do Pay our Actors/Actresses, supply 2 Meals a day, travel (if you are out of town) & lodging (share a room). Plus a percentage of backend money as well (stars & costars). We are now casting for our next two projects Dreads & Dance Masters. E-mail your request to the address below re: info for Pictures, Comp Cards, Head Shots,
Video tapes
CR Freeman, Inc.
Westley JF Kershaw, CEO / Malika Smith, Producer
(973) 371-7481 Production Office
(917) 421-8271 Mobile

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