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Women Who Write The Life

Monique P. Howerton:

Born in Newark, NJ and educated at St. Francis College in Brooklyn, New York, Monique began her career as a writer at the early age of 17 - writing compelling soap opera-type fiction to entertain her family. Encouraged by her sister to publish her first novel, "Rain," Monique along with her partner, established HerSay Publishing for lesbian and gay literature. Now as publisher, Monique is poised to complete and print her second novel, "Fire (Revelation)," scheduled for release in the Summer of 2002. Moonlighting as a Legal Word Processor for a reputable Manhattan law firm has made it possible for Monique to pursue her love for writing full-time. She currently lives in Brooklyn with her cat Spotty.

Rain's debut this fall, is sure to propel Monique into the realm of her favorite novelists Rita Mae Brown and E. Lynn Harris. You can email Monique at mhowerton@mindspring.com and tell her what you think.

"RAIN" opens near the final chapter as the nave narrator, Monica Walker, takes the reader backwards through each character's life. Monica always had the ability to communicate with unexplainable forces. She had the senses to see and feel things beyond the mundane.

As an adolescent, Monica begins a secret love affair with an older woman within her circle of friends. She waits for her love interest Pia, while trying to satisfy her desires with others. Monica quickly learns that their passion cannot be matched with substitutes.

Two secrets are revealed during a heated exchange between Monica and Pia's lover Teri. The first secret could mean freedom for the hidden lovers. The second secret could lead Monica into battle with the soldiers of Death, who seek the soul of the one she loves.

A desperate struggle with the soldiers ensues; Monica must defeat the evil forces that would claim Pia's life and her soul.

You Are Not Alone By Angel Hunter

We All go through moments when we think we are the only ones suffering conflicts, emotional setbacks and obstacles. "Your Are Not Alone" will give you a view into the souls of these women who struggle with issues such as childhood rape, drug addiction, bisexuality and interracial relationship.

Complete with the most intimate details and vivid descriptions of their sexual lives, "You Are Not Alone" brings the reader up close into Crystal, Susan, Elsie and Janay's bedrooms. In spite of their personal choices, there's a common thread that brings and keeps these four women together for support and friendship.

Elsie felt someone staring at her. Glancing around, she spotted Jewell looking in her direction. She quickly dropped Summer's hand.

"Is everything all right?" Summer wanted to know.

Elsie told her everything was fine, but it wasn't. She had tried so hard to keep her sexuality a secret. She knew coming out to dinner like this would pose a problem. Damn, Damn, Damn.

Elsie was, is and has always been a very private person. Her life was her life. She was not one to gossip and judge. She struggled with her decision to start a relationship with women. She knew it was what she wanted, what she desired to have. She just needed to get over her fear and actually go through with it. Once she made the decision to give it a try there was no turning back. It was in High School that she first realized that her hormones geared her towards her own. It frightened her so much that she started dating a guy named Troy.

The relationship was a disaster. The lovemaking was a disaster. It had done nothing for her. She didn't see fireworks, and she felt nothing in her soul or spirit. When they made love it was like something was wrong. She could remember crying afterwards

Janay was her name and she was not only Elsie's first female lover, but also her first true love. She met her on campus while participating in a fashion show. Elsie could be a model, if she had chosen that path. She certainly had more than enough opportunity to do so. The offers came repeatedly. She did consider it at one time, but she was just afraid of the spotlight. She was afraid that she would make a mistake and people would find out her secret; and she couldn't have that.

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