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Tongues Magazine

Tongues began and developed with the leadership that reflects its target population. The current leadership of Tongues has been active in the Los Angeles area since October 1999 and grew out of an initial interest to create a politically and socially conscious magazine and website 'zine for Queer women of color, specifically Xicanas/Latinas. Realizing that many of the Los Angeles-area agencies dealing with Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender issues lacked in providing a creative and political arena for the development of Queer Latina expression, leadership and community, Tongues has evolved into serving as a medium for creating said platform to dialogue and take proactive measures on a variety of issues that usually are not considered "relevant" to Queer Latinas (i.e. globalization, worker's rights, and educational justice). There is also a need to heighten dialogue on the dynamics of race, class and gender so that local LGBT and/or Latina/o organizations can engage and become better equipped to meet the needs of their Queer Latina constituents.

Much of Tongues' organizing has been concentrated in the East Los Angeles, Hollywood, Silverlake, and West Los Angeles/Santa Monica areas. Thus far, events have ranged from poetry readings and art shows to workshops on countering homophobia and safer sex discussions with an emphasis on HIV/AIDS prevention for Queer Latina youth. These organizing efforts have been recognized and requested by established Queer Latino/a-focused community-based organizations such as Bienestar, Altamed, LG PLAN (Lesbian and Gay Professional Latina/o Access Network) and VIVA.

The recent growth of Tongues, in its present formation, truly began and developed in the fall of 2000. The organization VIVA, founded in 1988, offered to turn over its resources and non-profit status to Tongues. VIVA has been a trailblazing force in the discovery, promotion and documentation of Queer Latina/o artists. They have provided visibility to Queer Latino/as who have historically not been afforded such opportunities due to censorship--both societal and institutional. VIVA's then remaining Board members relinquished their duties and authorized their mission statement, office space and non-profit status to be operated under Tongues' leadership and now are members of Tongues' Community Advisory Board. Tongues is now in the process of amending VIVA's bi-laws and constitution, and plans formally announce the transition to community members at large in the summer of 2001. Until then, Tongues is technically known as "Tongues, a project of VIVA."

As a result of this transition, Tongues has been given a unique opportunity to bridge the gap between younger and older Queer Latina/os. Tongues recognizes and is inspired by the urgency of connecting younger Queer Latinas with the network of the older and established generation, who can offer wise counsel through mentorship.

If you are interested in submitting art, essays, poetry, or stories for consideration please email your inquiries to the editors of each section

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Want to Learn More

Tongues is a non-profit collective of Queer Latinas organizing towards building a movement that inspires new conceptualizations of identity, motivates cross-collaborations, provides an outlet, and addresses social issues across the LGBT and Latina/o communities. Tongues is working to create a web-based and print community outlet replete with messages, articles, images, and text that positively reflect the multiplicities of Queer Latina realities while encouraging the development of a community consciousness through educational campaigns and creative expressions. Tongues is composed of a diverse set of women, embracing variable terms of identity relevant to their Queerness, addressing issues pertinent to social change, identity politics, and arts and culture through new technology and media. Though the utilization of the Internet as a medium to relay information is key for outreach and to gain visibility, Tongues recognizes its limitations and lack of universal access, and, thus, is committed to documenting projects and campaigns in print format.

On December 9, 2001 Tongues will host the Premiere of their first print issue of Tongues Magazine.

Join the women of Tongues, (a Project of VIVA) as they celebrate the premiere of the first print issue of Tongues Magazine. Hosted by the cha-cha-lisciously charming, Monica Palacios, with special performances by Adelina Anthony, Backstreet NOize and a fusion of intense queer women of color literary and performance artists. At Highways Performance Space, Sunday, December 9th

Gallery Opening and Reception at 6:30pm Followed by Performance at 7:30pm
$12 admission includes free premiere issue.

Tongues (a project of VIVA)
The Village at Ed Gould Plaza
1125 N. McCadden Pl., Ste 148
Los Angeles, CA 90038-1212

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