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Handling Yo Bizness

So you wanna go out in style -- in drag that is -- and you know you wanna look good and legit.† Well, you've got to be properly bound and packed in order to look and feel the part.†

Now, in advance, I want to warn y'all.† There are very graphic images on this page, very detailed graphic images cause I want you to truly handle yo biz'ness.†

If you feel you can't handle it, scroll through the page and look at some photos from some our successful brothers in drag until you get to the "STOP" mark.† Do not go beyond that point.† For the daring darlings of drag, continue on to the Tool Cabinet.

Black Magic
7th Annual Drag King Contest / 11BlackMagic
photos by erin o'neill

An Other Brother Speaks
7th Annual Drag King Contest / 001brother4
photos by erin o'neill

Fresh and the rest of Black Magic tell you about it.
7th Annual Drag King Contest / 001brother4
photos by erin o'neill

Dred and Carlos Los Vegas

Columbus, Ohio

MC Luster


Tool Cabinet

Breast Binders

Strong enough for a man, but made for a woman

Gynecomastia Vest

Our most popular male vest

Invisible under clothing

Adjustable hook and eye front closure
Velcro on shoulders

MV110 $52.00

Available sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, and custom orders

Color: White

Available at:† http://www.morrisdesigns.com/gynecomastia-vest.htm



Packing is when someone who wasn't born with a penis (i.e. a woman or a male/masculine-identified transgendered person) puts something in their pants to create a bulge that resembles a guy's package. This can be done with a variety of materials, and for many different purposes. While "packing" frequently refers to wearing a strap-on under one's clothes, one can also pack more for the shape and feeling of a dick & balls than for functionality ("packing soft"). Products like Mr Softie can be more comfortable and look & feel more realistic than having a rubber or silicone dildo in your drawers. However, packing with a strap-on ("packing hard") has its advantages, too-- There are situations in which it's mighty convenient to be able to unzip your pants and whip out your dick.


Anyone can pack... Drag kings, straight women, dykes, femmes, butches, transmen (FTM's), Daddies, tops, Bob Dole (or anyone else who can't get it up), bottoms, switches, bio-boys with small penises, leatherfolk, vanilla lesbians... Everyone who packs has their own reason for it. For some folks it's just about sex. For some it's integrally related to their butch, boydyke, girlfag or transgender identities. For others it's about power, or about being subversive.

The Tools

Info About the Pissin' Passin' Packer (aka the PPP -- pronounced Pee Pee Pee)†

DJ. constructs the Pissin' Passin' Packer dick from three readily-available commercial parts (we don't do the manufacture), a lot of know-how, and a fair amount of time and fiddling to get it right. We think this is the best thing we've tried (and tried and tried) for the purpose, which is threefold:

Pissing/Urinating/Peeing: This dick can be used as a clean, tidy standing urinary device. You can hold it up against yourself, face the toilet bowl or urinal, and let fly. It takes a bit of practice, but after you learn how to position it, it becomes second nature, and you won't be dribbling down your leg.
Passing: This refers to the ability of a prosthetic device (or heck, a whole human) to look "natural" at being what it purports to be. This Pissin' Passin' Packer will look damn real in dim light, and almost right in bright light, especially at a quick glance. This makes it ideal for public washrooms and urinals. (DJ. pisses in urinals all over Vancouver. I think it's his hobby.) It will not, of course, pass under careful scrutiny under very bright lights, so don't try to fool your doctor!
Packing: The damn thing is comfortable to keep in your pants. It feels right, and it fills your pants the "normal" amount that regular male genitals would. And it's handy for taking a standing piss -- you won't have to search for your funnel.

This section is for grown-ups, it's the Pissin' Passin' Packer in operation; being used.





Website:† http://vancouverleather.com/dick/index.html

FTM's transition, the penile prosthesis is made by a professional prosthetist.

The flaccid prosthesis is proportioned to simulate a generic man's penis and testicles, and comfortably sits in your underwear, creating a very natural look.

Every prosthesis is custom made with a choice of 15 skin shades.

Ideally, it is designed to be attached to the pubic area by medical adhesive. However, it can also be worn freely in your underwear. The ideal size and positioning of the flaccid penile prothesis will not draw attention to an oversized bulge.

It's not just a "packy", it both looks and feels real

Mid & Small Flaccid

Mid Flaccid Graphic
Small Flaccid Graphic
Mid Flaccid Graphic
Mid Flaccid Graphic

Erect Penile Prosthesis
Erect Penile Prosthesis
The FTM Community requested that I also make an erect penile prosthesis, as people found that the shop bought ''dildo's" were unrealistic in size, skin shading, could only be strapped on, and were largely made of nothing more than latex (which has a particularly bad odour).

I tried to design a prosthesis that would overcome these deficiencies.

The erect penile prosthesis is, of course, designed for sex, and it is held in place by medical adhesive.

The prosthesis rigidity is created by making the shaft from solid silicone, and the testes are filled with a special gel to keep them soft, thus simulating the 'real thing'.

Adhesive & Solvent ExampleAdhesive and Solvent

The adhesive and solvent are medical grade, which means they were designed specifically to attach prostheses to human skin. Therefore, they will not cause skin allergies or irritation.

This particular adhesive which we use to attach the penile prosthesis will even stay in place when swimming or exercising, etc. The adhesive and solvent should last about 3 months, after which you can purchase the products directly from the company (US and UK residents only), and therefore they will be cheaper to buy.

An instruction pamphlet titled "Daily care of your prosthesis" is sent out with every order. It gives you detailed instructions on how to look after your prosthesis, as well as how to use the medical adhesive and solvent.

Skin Shades

All of the prosthesis can be made to match your individual skin color. As you see, there are 15 different skin shades to choose from, which allows for a custom made prosthesis. If you are unsure of the color settings on your monitor, just add $20 US to your order, and I will send you the actual samples, (these must be returned) and you can simply match the sample to an untanned body area.

Price List

Small Flaccid ( app. 3") Item # SF
Small flaccid penile prosthesis app. 3" in length.
$ 410
Mid Flaccid ( app. 4") Item # MF
Medium flaccid penile prosthesis app. 4" in length.
$ 430
Large Flaccid (app. 5") Item # LF
Large flaccid penile prosthesis app. 5" in length.
$ 440
Medium Erect (app. 5") Item # ME
Medium erect penile prosthesis app.5" in length.
$ 400
Large Erect (app. 6") Item # LE
Large erect penile prosthesis app.6" in length.
$ 410
Medical Adhesive & Solvent Item # MAS
Medical Adhesive & Solvent
$ 70
Postage & Handling
$ 40
Skin Shade Samples Item # SSS
(These are the silicone skin shade samples as they appear on web page, if you want them sent to you , please return)
$ 20

Payment must be received before work can begin on your order.

Website:† http://www.ftmprosthetics.com/HomeDefault.htm

Hot Topic:

From Carlos Los Vegas

While I provide the following definition, being a drag king does not necessarily mean emulating or being a man. It can mean many things to many people. Anyone can be a drag king regardless of their gender identification.

Above all, have fun!

Since drag king is still a relatively new term, there are several interpretations what a drag king is. While there is opportunity to extend the definition of drag king, I provide the following:

A drag king is a person who dresses in masculine attire for the sake of performance, entertainment, or personal self-fulfillment by portraying their own definition of masculinity. Such interpretation may be male impersonation, a cultural expression, butch realness, an extension of one's person, or a form of parody.

Facial/Chest Hair Application and Techniques

Packing Tips


How to Make a Packed Lunch

The moment has come. Youíve been dragged down to the local club for a drag king evening and you donít have a thing to "wear". Fear not, help is at hand.

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