Marrying For Health Insurance, Not Love

February 2nd, 201012:24 am @ Angela Odom


Well, let’s be honest, there are a lot of folks out there who are in marriages of convenience. There are men and women married because s/he looks good, s/he has money, health insurance, a nice house, drives a nice car . . . so what if you can’t stand him/her and s/he’s rude, at least s/he has money right? Right? I’m sure there are more than a few folks out there who married someone for reasons other than love. Okay, so much for the sanctity of marriage.

A new twist — or perhaps older than dirt but just now making the rounds — is marriage for health insurance. One California woman who has a genetic disorder similar to lupus caleld C4 Complement Deficiency is looking for a suitable spouse who has health insurance.

Terri Carlson, 45, says she is not eligible for health insurance on her own and only has one year remaining on her COBRA insurance. With a little ingenuity and a lot of creativity, Carlson has placed Carlson YouTube videos online in order to find someone to marry her. Her hopes are to be able to get the prescription drugs she needs.

Now, before anyone goes throwing stones, think about it. You may find yourself in this predicament so don’t laugh and don’t throw stones. With health coverage becoming increasingly more expensive, it is more common to know someone without health coverage than someone who does have coverage. I’m surprised there are not more YouTube videos out there with men and women advertising for spouses, domestic partners, etc.

In fact — and I will go there — I will bet you there are more straight folks out there hoping for gay marriage than probably gay folks. Why? Because a lot of folks will take advantage of the opportunity to keep expenses down. Trust me on that one, I actually know some folks and don’t think our cash strapped government hasn’t figured that one out too.

I admire Carlson for being honest about it. Until she is able to find a spouse she has two hopes: someone offers to marry her or health insurance reform is adopted by the Federal government. I pray for the latter but the way things are going, the repubs/conservs will have created a whole new cottage industry — “will marry you for health care.”

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