Lupus With A Twist Of Vitamin D

February 17th, 201011:05 am @ Angela Odom


Nope, no Jobim here but there is a good twist of vitamin D in this post. I did not expect to find vitamin D in this article on lupus but I did. The article at features two Oklahoma women, Vickey Wiles and Sheila Johnson, who are co-facilitators for the Davis chapter of the South Central Lupus Foundation of America-Oklahoma support group.

Vickey Wiles has been living with lupus for 10 years, has had four hip replacements, and just recently had an elbow replacement. “You know it can be very devastating,” Wiles explained.

Sheila Johnson had a more interesting story to tell. Johnson has lived with lupus for 15 years and her daughter has also been diagnosed with lupus. The fact her daughter was diagnosed was interesting to me because I had been told the disease usually skips a generation. I now know this is not true because I’ve since heard many mother/daughter lupus stories.

Another very interesting tidbit from Johnson’s story is the following quote from Johnson:

Since I know that it’s been handed down to my daughter, we’re going to have her go ahead and get on vitamin D to maybe see if that will help. We’re also going to pass on down the vitamin D to my grandchildren and see if it could help prevent them from getting it.

I have heard a great deal about vitamin D in recent months. About a year or two ago, my doctors were really encouraging me to increase my vitamin D levels and I, unfortunately, did not heed their warnings. When I finally did hear them last year, I got on the vitamin D bandwagon and though it took a few months to — I’m assuming — work through my system, I cannot tell you how grateful I am for what this supplement has done for me.

Currently, I am taking between 5,000 to 7,000 i.u. of vitamin D-3 per day (Trader Joe’s Vitamin D). My blood pressure has decreased significantly to the point I am no longer taking the blood pressure medication. I have also noticed that some of the strange heart problems I had a year or two ago has dissipated. I can only assume the high blood pressure had something to do with the weird heart issues.

With that, get tested for vitamin D deficiency and if you are low, get on the vitamin D bandwagon. I am one who can attest to the benefits of this supplement.

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