Sniffy Has The Sniffles

January 17th, 20102:07 pm @ Angela Odom


Been away for a while because I was (really, still) battling a horrible cold. I was battling this thing prior to chemo. Unfortunately, about 48 hours after chemo, the thing went ballistic. I cannot say it enough, if you have a cold stay home and don’t go to work. Some of your coworkers may not have an immune system strong enough to fight against it.

I’ve been x-rayed (no pneumonia thankfully), nebulized, have my own personal inhaler, and I have my z-pack but, one week later, the cold is still hanging in there. It’s getting better but oh my God.

Anywho, as soon as I’m feeling up to it I’ll post more but right now, I really can’t think about it. The best I’ve been able to do thus far is blog within the 140 character limitation of Twitter.

Big news, I’m back on Facebook but I ain’t going whole hog like last time. That means I WILL NOT play games, throw food, build gardens, etc. I actually joined to see a friend’s 1,000 plus photos of her trip to the Philippines — which I’m still trying to get through — and they’re lovely. I need to take a trip there myself.

Until later this week, maybe tomorrow, who knows. We’ll talk later.