Do You Believe In Ghosts?

November 25th, 20091:50 pm @ Angela Odom


brown_lady_lgWell, you see, I do. Perhaps I more believe in spirits roaming about looking for a place to squat. Who wouldn’t in these poor economic times.  Anyway, whatever your belief, I found the following site very interesting.

I know Halloween is long over but Ghosts of America is still an interesting site because of their user supplied images and stories. I was drawn to their California sightings because, well to be honest, I was looking for ghost stories for my little community here in Altadena and I found some.

I found nothing that told me about the older Black man I’ve seen wearing a gray uniform but there were others there that were equally weird, strange and downright spooky. For instance, the “lady with a spear sticking out of her head” could be quite chilling to see and, like the observer, I would have run off too in terror.

The second most terrifying example screams of Prom Night on constant replay. Let’s look shall we? Or perhaps not.

A young girl having on a bloody prom dress has often been observed sipping motor oil underneath a lamppost in Altadena. Regardless of what folks articulate, this ghost certainly is frightening; one that any rational person wouldn’t want to bump into.

Hmmm, she’s sipping motor oil is she. Perhaps she is more a bad TV commercial that died on the cutting room floor.

Of course, saving the best for last is this creepy tale:

A gentleman with an axe in his head has been said to have been seen on frequent instances in Angeles National Forest by the ranger station smoking a cigar. If you listen to what the local residents claim, this ghost is possibly the undeceased ghost of a person who used to dwell here in Altadena. One thing’s for sure, this is an unlikable ghost that you shouldn’t go trying to find.

I wonder if that explains the smell of cigars I often come across in my bathroom. Could it be he once lived here? I dunno.

Oh there’s more and you will have to visit this site if you want the hairs on the back of your neck to stand in attention. As for me, the search goes on for the man in the gray uniform.