AMA: “The Voice”

November 25th, 20091:23 pm @ Angela Odom



Whitney Houston -- Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Now here’s something I really like, Whitney Houston. I love glamor and Whitney does glamor well.

Women, in my book, should carry glamor to the highest form only because it sets us apart from men. What I mean by that is a certain style, poise, graciousness that really seals the deal of feminine allure. Whitney does it well and now she has added humility, which is a beautiful thing.

A well chosen song for her appearance at the American Music Awards was “I Didn’t Know My Own Strength.” This is a beautiful song and it was sung with conviction; it oozed from every pore in her being. That gown, oooo la la and subtle jewelry is so much better than overwhelming bling.

More important than the song, the outfit, the jewelry and her fabulous stage presence was Whitney’s voice. It’s coming back, she’s strong, she glowed and with her performance came hope. Hope for all those who have been through the valley and are looking for the other side. Hope for those who feel they have fallen so far down they cannot get up. You can, you will and there is the other side which you will see if you can keep hope alive. I believe — and I will include myself here — there were very few dry eyes in the audience.

I miss the days of beautiful gowns and women who can SANG! Nancy Wilson and Dionne Warwick are the two women who can rock exceptional gowns, can rock the hair and their stage presence is impeccable. Whitney brings all of that back for me and if she should perform live in Los Angeles, I will get a ticket to see her. She is probably the only artist today — other than the above-mentioned artists — I will buy a ticket to see live.

It is almost unbelievable that Whitney is coming up on her 25th year in music. Where has the time gone? I for one have certainly enjoyed her these last 25 years and I hope to hear more from her in the years to come, like Nancy and Dionne. In celebration of the milestone, Arista/Legacy Recordings will soon release a revamped edition of Houston’s self-titled debut album with bonus tracks and a special DVD featuring never seen before interviews and historic performances.

Included in the aforementioned collection will be an intimate letter to her fans, which will appear inside the collection’s packaging. Houston says “I cannot believe it has been 25 years since my first album! I could never have done this without the support, encouragement and unconditional love from my fans all over the world. I love you all!” Love you too Whitney and no, you were not built to break.  None of us were.

I Didn’t Know My Own Strength