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Making Visible The Invisible

By:  Aishah Shahidah
There is a silent war going on in the Black community.  This war is a war by Black men and boys on Black women and girls. This war is the rape and sexual assault of Black women and girls. Up until recently, this war was not publicly acknowledged by the Black community because it wasn’t viewed as important.  “One in three women will be raped in her lifetime. 

Familiar Strangers


By Jasmyne Cannick

Barely Breaking Even Productions (BBE Productions), a division of Bamboo Media, has embarked upon a three-prong project to include a documentary film, a photography book and a photo-text exhibit. The project is a collaboration between journalist and publicist Jasmyne Cannick and long time activist and writer Charlotte M. Young  “My personal goal is to incite the black family to start talking more openly about sexual orientation and I believe that once we see the diversity of gay people and hear their stories, this in itself will help to combat homophobia in the black community and more specifically in the black church,” comments Young.

Dancing Shadows

The following is an interview by Siobhan Brooks from her book about sex workers of color called, “Dancing Shadows: Interviews with Men and Women of Color Sex Workers,” which she is currently looking to publish.

Fear of The Black Lesbian Planet

By Samiya Bashir -- This article originally appeared in Curve Magazine Reprinted With Permission
"It's the big pink elephant in the middle of the room. Everyone knows it's there — and we quietly tiptoe around it, afraid that even acknowledging its existence would throw off the delicate balance that exists in our pretending it isn't standing there, grazing on our avoidance." If we do choose to look at the elephant's skin, we see that she carries the tattoos of racial division — exclusion, nasty feelings, words, and actions, the unspoken rules of separation.
Did We Lose AfroXcentric Magazine?
It takes a village to raise a child.  That child could be born of the flesh from the womb of a woman, or the child could be an idea, conceived and nurtured for months or years within the soul of a woman.  Like the child, the woman soon gives birth to the idea and everyone smiles, applauds, and shares her enthusiasm – finally, it is here – it’s real.  It takes a village to assist and help the woman raise the idea as well.

Film Resources


The assumption of many straight friends of mine is that lesbians and gays do not have long-term relationships.   When pressed, they often paint stereotypical images of gay men in bath houses, women in prison, or, when they have run out of things to say, they continue with "these relationships are destined to fail."  Really? 

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