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A big thanks to all who helped me find the bad links.  Anymore?  Please me.  Thank you, thank you again.

There are some wonderful sites on the web providing news, information, and events for the GLBT community.  Grab a cup of java or your favorite chai tea and feast your eyes and mind on some of the offerings listed below.

Hot Links



Favorite Sites For Lesbians of Color

Sable Magazine
Swirl Magazine
Women In The Life (DC)

GLBT Pubs and Ezines

Chicago Blacklines
Blacklight Online
Keith Boykin Online
Arise Magazine
Behind The Mask (Africa)
Pica 12 - Another ADO Website

Event Planners For Women

Cabrini Presents (Los Angeles)
Out & About (Los Angeles)
Girls In The Night (Atlanta)
Girlz Party (New York)
Purple Diamonds (New York)

Links to Other
Women of Word Sites

KUMA is dedicated to Black same gender loving womyn everywhere, whose countless stories go unheard. Once you've perused the site to your satisfaction and after you're all worked up, show us what you can do. Reclaim your erotic power and enable another sistah at the same time by sharing your stories, poems, art, photography and film. No matter what your pleasure, whether it be BDSM, Leather or Cherry-Vanilla, you are all invited to share your work.  http://www.kuma2.net


this section contains sexually explicit images and text. you MUST be 18 or older to enter!

>giirl magazine<

  information, articles, stories, links, etc for lesbian and bisexual girls/women of all ages

More GLBT Links
Alicia Banks
Ayin Adams
Behind the Mask
Beta Phi Omega
Blacklight Online
Christian Lesbians
Come A Little Closer (Bonnie Henderson)
Ebony LesBiGay
Gay Black Female
GEMS New Orleans
Girls In The Night
Girlz Party
Imani Henry
Indy Soul Sistahs
Ingrid Rivera
Julies NYC
Kim McArthur
Lesbian Community Health Project
Mama Roots
Macha Theatre
Nghosi Books
NIA Collective
Purple Diamonds
Redbone Press
Sable Magazine
Sharon Bridgforth
Sistah Summerfest
Sisters In Cinema
Sisters in the Life
Smokin Spoken Word Productions
Tongues Mag
Ta’Shia Asanti
Venus Magazine
Women In The Life
Womanist Theory



IT'S ALL ABOUT THE LESBIANS, BABY.  (http://www.girlpridestore.com/)
Welcome to GirlPrideStore, the only ALL LESBIAN-WEAR site for women "in the life". Our
parody tees (and original designs) are made to put a smile on your face,..and hers too. We took pop-culture and twisted it our way to express us, proud lesbians, with a little humor.

This Week's Best of Web

A Mecca Of Creativity And Light

Blue Cypher's target audience is women, but she knows there are some men who visit the site and actually she welcomes them.  "As long as someone can learn something from our little family and respect our space, then it's all good in my book. But the main motivation behind The Cyph is that I feel like in the Black community especially, sometimes it can be hard to find women who are genuinely supportive of each other without being catty. I miss the good old days when women were united. So I figured if I couldn't find that anywhere then I'd do my best to create it. And I've been really pleased with all the wonderful positive females I've met in the process. They've taught me so much."  [Read More]



Lesbian Organizations

Affinity (Chicago)

African Ancestral Lesbians United for Societal Change, Inc. (New York)

African Asian Latina Lesbians United (New Jersey)

Nia Collective (Oakland, CA)

ULOAH (Los Angeles, CA)

Zami (Decatur, GA)

Zuna Institute (Oakland, CA)

Beta Phi Omega

Omicron Epsilon Pi Sorority, Inc.

More Links


1.   Black AIDS
2.   Balm in Gilead
3.   Minority AIDS Proj.
4.   Native Amer. AIDS

Mailing Lists
1.  BLAREonline
2.  Lesbian Sisters
4.  The FemmeSpot
5.  NativeLit-L
6.  Lesbian Mtg Hall
7.  Black Lesbians

1.  Lynne D. Johnson
2.  Pheline
3.  Her Perspective
4.  SdChrismon Prod.

Sistah Film Sites
1.  A Luv Tale
2.  Dyke TV
3.  Power Up
4.  Cheryl Dunye
5.  Yvonne Welbon
6.  Outtakes
7.  Women Make

8.  Reel Sisters

Top ST8 Sites:

1.   Nia Online
2.   Essence Online
3.   Black Web Portal
4.   Oxygen
5.   iVillage
6.   Sister 2 Sister Mag
7.   Ebony Magazine
8.   Black Enterprise
9.   Black Voices
10. BWIP
11. Women Of Color
12. Blackgirl Int'l
13. SistaPower




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