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This Month's Featured Book . . .
Best Black Women's Erotica 2

From the opening salvo, this book not only promised satisifaction from its cover, it also delivered with every page turned.  The first story, Rythm, by Donna Sherard showed the power of women, the sensuality of hair braiding and the importance of rythm.  Ta'Shia Asanti's Sojourner's Truth gave me ideas and Dorothy Randall Gray's Miss Cicero gave me hope.  It was wonderful to read stories from Black women talking about sensuality and sexuality.  Too often, I think we forget we are powerfully sensuous creatures.

Light incense, fill the tub with scents of jasmine and/or lavender, play your sweetest sexiest music and indulge, you will not be dissapointed.  Imagination is a terrible thing to waste. ado

Book Description
Best Black Women’s Erotica 2 showcases the hottest, most arousing and surprising erotic literature by African American women writers. Representing a wide range of styles and voices, these twenty stories offer a steamy assortment of fiction from popular authors, including
C.C. Carter,
T'Ashia Asante, Dorothy Randal Gray, Carol Smith Passariello, Kiini Ibura Salaam, Shawn F. Rhea, Opal Palmer Adisa, R. Erica Doyle, Tara Betts, and Tracy Price-Thompson among others.

About The Author - Samiya Bashir
Samiya Bashir’s writing has appeared in Black Issues, Ms., Seventeen, and Curve. She is co-editor of Role Call: A Generational Anthology of Social and Political Black Literature and Art.

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