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Multimedia Content
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And Still I Rise
A Powerful Documentary

Presented by
Urban Entertainment

Principal Cast: Caron Wheeler, Buchi Emecheta, Barbara Bush, Esther Bailey, Christopher Davis.

Synopsis: Dark, sultry, wild, savage, exotic and erotic. Many people have difficulty seeing black women as they are, because of an eagerness to impose upon them an identity based on any number of myths. Constant and continual devaluation of black womanhood make it extremely difficult for the black female to develop a positive self image. This documentary looks at how these myths and stereotypes have been created, how they are perpetuated and whether black women can reclaim their own sense of self.

Anti-War Protest NYC

Audre Lorde's spirit calls out with a Southern lilt at Zami, Atlanta's premiere organization for lesbians of African descent. Hear from several participants how this center embraced Lorde's model of strength and self-empowerment.
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Poet:  Sapphire

Presented by Freespeech.org.


Dyke TV: Audre Lourde

"We were never meant to survive . . ." A profile of the influential African-American, lesbian poet.
Presented by Freespeech.org


Poetess Cheryl Clarke describes how a well-defined community of lesbians gave her the best entrée into the world of lesbian poetry. Along the way, she pays homage to her predecessors and contemporaries, including Phyllis Wheatley, Gwendolyn Brooks and Audre Lorde, and reads from her collection, Experimental Love, published in 1993. -- Gail Cooper
 Air Date:
 Show Number: 252
 Producer: Anat Salomon
 Real Video Presentation
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Phill Wilson

AIDS Activist Phill Wilson Talks About Fighting AIDS and Urban Myths in the African-American Community

Originally conducted by Black Entertainment Television.
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Interview With  June Jordan
Presented by Freespeech.org
June Jordan on the crisis in Palestine and the israeli Occupation.
Presented by  Freespeech.org


Sexual Exiles

Film Snapshot: Sexual Exiles is a 30 min. video documentary about the impossibility of returning home for lesbians and gays once they have "come out" while living in exile. It explores both the reasons they have left their homes as well as their complex experiences while living in exile. This includes their complicated relationships to home and family, the way they discover new identities through the process of migration and relocation. Sexual Exiles explores this universal search for a sense of belonging and the feelings of identity displacement that occur through this difficult process of relocation and self-definition. Through the experiences of 9 women and men who have come to the United States seeking an opportunity to be open, for the first time in their lives, about their homosexuality, the viewer is challenged to deepen his or her appreciation of what concepts like "home", "exile" and "difference" mean, both to themselves and to others.  Presented by Freespeech.org.


Dyke TV Eyewitness

Our revolution didn't start with Stonewall. African-American lesbian elders tell the tales of gay New York life in Harlem, Brooklyn and the Bronx before the world-altering Stonewall rebellion. In this clip they recall, raids and suffocating laws and racial discrimination faced within the gay community. -- Gail Dottin

Air Date: May 3, 1994
DykeTV Show Number: 48
Producer:  click here to view RealVideo interviews.

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Legendary radical Black lesbian feminist Barbara Smith talks "The Truth That Never Hurts", as she discusses her book of the same title. Making connections between women/queer liberation and the African American Civil Rights movement of the 1950s and 60s, Smith traces her development as an activist, and celebrates the idealism, solidarity and passions of younger activists who keep the struggle going. -- Gail Cooper
 Show Number: 183
 Producers: Harriet Hirshorn and Lucretia Knapp.  Click here to view RealVideo interview


Where were all the black lesbians?" Lisa Moore of Redbone Press asks in her video project, "Sassy Be Gone." Through oral histories of black lesbians in their 60s, 70s, and 80s, Moore explores where Black bulldaggers, femmes, studs and women who liked to wear "wife beaters" fit in the black communities of their youth. From Chicago to Kentucky to New York City, Moore listens to the stories of women who helped to make way for contemporary Black lesbian existence/movements. She also raises important questions about the dearth of formal historical inquiry into the lesbian presence in famed movements such as the Harlem Renaissance. -- Gail Cooper
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June Jordan at the Writers House
 April 23-24, 2001, as a Kelly Writers House Fellow
 On April 23, 2001, June Jordan gave a reading from her memoir, Soldier and from her poetry, including new, uncollected work. On April 24, 2001, Jordan returned to the Writers House for an interview/conversation moderated by Al Filreis, Faculty Director of the Writers House.
 Full Program
 Interview With June Jordan
 Here are excerpts from June Jordan's Writers House reading:
 "Focus in Real Time"
 "Poem about My Rights"

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