MJ’s Burial Set For August 29

August 17th, 200912:49 pm @ Angela Odom


Michael-Jackson102According to MJ’s father, Joe Jackson, Michael Jackson’s body will be laid to rest on August 29, the day the King of Pop would have turned 51, his father told AFP. Joe Jackson said the birthday burial at Los Angeles’ Forest Lawn Cemetery would be a private event, although he could not say which family members would be present. On the other hand, the family has made no confirmations over the burial plans, which have been kept a secret.

In other news, something more sinister has arisen.  A new report from the paramedics called to Michael Jackson’s home on the day of his death indicates the singer was dead at least an hour before help arrived.  According to a form paramedics must fill out when attending to a “fatality”, F-902M, it states Jackson had no pulse, attempts failed to start his heart (aka flatline), and most tellingly, his body had clear signs of lividity – when blood drains to the bottom of the body after the heart stops.

According to a family spokeman, Dr. Steven Hoefflin (who spoke with the permission of Michael’s mother), Jackson “had no pulse and was not breathing. They gave him an electro-cardiogram but he was flatlined. They say he even had lividity, which meant the blood had sunk to the back, indicating his heart had stopped a couple of hours earlier,” Hoefflin said.

“The medics wanted to pronounce him dead there and take him to the coroner’s department,” Dr Hoefflin said.

“But I was told Dr Murray wanted to work on him. He carried on doing CPR and insisted he needed hospital treatment. He continued giving Michael CPR all the way to UCLA, and even in the emergency room.

“I have spoken to a senior doctor at UCLA, who said Murray insisted they work on him there, but they knew he was dead.

“If Michael died at home then the case would be automatically referred to the Coroner’s Office, and that would mean a lot of investigations.

“Dr Marshall Morgan, the chief of the medical staff at UCLA Medical Center, was suspicious about the case and contacted the Coroner anyway,’” added Hoefflin.

Dr Murray, 51, claims he walked into Jackson’s bedroom to find him unconscious but with a faint pulse. He also says the body was warm.  If Jackson presented with lividity, I seriously doubt the good doctor’s claims of Jackson having a faint pulse and “was warm.”