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A Eulogy For Sakia Gunn An Eternal Sista Warrior
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Alicia Banks

A Eulogy For Sakia Gunn An Eternal Sista Warrior
By: Alicia Banks


(I dedicate this column to young homosexual warriors who are out and proud everywhere. You all are my greatest inspirations. I live for you...AB}


It is an undeniable and historically proven fact that those who are oppressed often become the most cruel oppressors. The United States were founded by slave masters who wanted to be free from British rule, even as they simultaneously stole, enslaved, dehumanized, and forcibly ruled captive Africans for centuries. As fellow hostages on plantations, mulattos were often the most rabid overseers and treacherous house niggers, and often crueler than many white slave masters. In Nazi death camps, Jewish and Polish SS officers who passed as Germans were far more brutal than their actual German Nazi peers. During America’s genocide against Native Americans, Native American scouts and African-American Buffalo soldiers legendarily assisted white men as they robbed and slaughtered red, brown, and black people who looked like them. White gays are usually more blatantly racist than any of their racist heterosexual peers, especially those who control gay media. Closeted gays and gays who feign at being "healed heterosexuals" gaybash more rabidly than any homophobic or sexually bigoted heterosexual...


Murderous gaybashers exist and are religiously sanctioned in every human race. Yet, I remain convinced that racism and sexism combine to create a uniquely hot hatred of homosexuals within most black gaybashers globally. I have penned many columns, hosted countless talk radio shows, and engaged in heated debates with diverse friends on the subject of black gaybashers for decades. I have elaborated ad infinitum about precisely how racism and sexism combine and degenerate too many black men who regard themselves exclusively as life support systems for penises, and too many black women who regard themselves exclusively as concubines/breeders for these aforementioned black macho men.


This toxic combination of psychoses fashions turbo gaybashers in blackface, who passionately regard homosexuals as literal nullifiers of their very existences. Their twisted insecurities are expressed as fatal gaybashing/self-defense mechanisms in the paranoid and insane wars that their hatred fuels against sexual truths in general and homosexual persons in particular. Combine those toxins with the additional madness created by the oceans of blood awash upon the hands of droves of black pastors, who continue to preach lies about God and the bible to their mindless and robotic flocks. These evil and bigoted pseudo-christians truly regard gaybashing and murdering homosexuals as divine acts!!! Also, blend in the arrogant ignorance of uneducated masses who know and desire to know absolutely nothing about the universal scientific nature of homosexuality in literally every living species. All of these ancient ingredients mesh into a perfect and pervasive recipe for social poison that festers deep within the core of global black cultures and ferments into a potent emotional and psychic venom that is spewn by a diaspora of African gaybashers like legions of deadly cobras.


When these misogynist morons lash out, they often do so with deadly force. As more young black homosexuals refuse to live lies and dare to live honestly and openly within black communities, their death tolls are rising at the bloody hands of black gaybashers. Sakia Gunn is only their most recent casualty...


Sakia was just 15 years old on May 13, 2003. She was stabbed to death in Newark, New Jersey because she dared to reject a lewd advance from a gaybasher with an erection and an attitude. Because she refused to respond to his flirtations while being brave enough to say she was gay, Sakia was slaughtered by a nocturnal predator while awaiting a late night city bus. Simply for daring to be herself and refusing to be silenced by bigotry and cowardice, a “brother” monster, who disgraces all real men, murdered Sakia. When denied a chance to ejaculate, he chose to exterminate...{Read more about Sakia’s life and murder at: www.keithboykin.com }


Sakia is my sheroe. I admire all of the young homosexual rebels everywhere who refuse to be silent about who they were born to be. They are braver than I was at their age. I lived a lie until I was 21 to avoid the hatred and danger that they courageously endure daily...


In the press photos I have seen, Sakia appears to be butch. As a femme lesbian, I am often safer than my butch sisters. I can appear to be on a platonic date with a lover at will. I can casually return a harmless flirtation of a male waiter to secure a superior table in a favorite restaurant. I can sincerely appreciate a tactful man’s compliment on a cramped elevator by never complicating my human reaction with the acknowledgment of any details of my lesbian being.


Perhaps, Sakia did not have the luxury of such safety inside her own space in this cold world. Because she appeared to be masculine, she probably evoked even more hatred in insecure “men” than I do. Such gaybashing excuses for real men fear butch lesbians who dare to embrace the masculinity that eludes their own fragile egos and weak sexual identities. They fear that butch lesbians may be better ideal men than they can ever be themselves. They fear that lesbians posess superior sexual skills with superior sexual tools that do not lie, cheat, infect, or fail to satisfy. They hate their own internal and latent homosexuality that butch lesbians may sexually awaken and arouse. They hate all lesbians who co-parent the children they abandon. They hate lesbians that may know more about sports and even play basketball better than they do. They hate lesbians who often cherish and adore the queens that they emotionally abuse by being whorish court jesters who hypocritically, and even comically, whine about being kings...


Carmen McCrae sang “Only women bleed”...Nina Simone sang “I wish I knew how it would feel to be free”... Women are mortally wounded and hemorrhaging everywhere every day. We are endangered, disempowered, and slain by misogyny and all of its morbid and violent manifestations whether we are homosexual or heterosexual. Irrespective of whom we love, or how we live, women are not safe in this world. We are not safe in any city in any country. We are raped in our own homes by our own husbands. We feel unsafe in our own baths and showers. We are unable to even sleep soundly. We know that we can become prey for any evil bastard with a libido or a switchblade or both. We know that we trust men who may betray us at any deranged moment at the whim of any hostile erection...


Living as a woman in a sexist world is to live in constant danger and fear via venomous words and vicious glances. Every woman knows this perpetual fear as deeply as she knows the taste of her own saliva. Men only taste this fear when they are imprisoned. Only then do they experience the curse of being sexual prey for 24 hours of every day. Only then do they know how every lewd glare can render them naked. Only then do they know the sexual harassment that women endure daily. The world is a prison for women. We are all sentenced to consecutive lives of misogyny without parole.


This constant fear breeds rage. This rage is real whether we embrace, ignore, or defy it. This rage is never as hot as when a sister is slain by a sexist dog. We calm the fires of our rage with the water of our tears for Sakia. She is an eternal warrior whose spirit is now pardoned and released from this sexist prison yard that still traps us...May Sakia find peace in a superior place where honesty does not evoke murder and homosexuality does not evoke hatred...


{Dear Sakia: Rest in peace baby sista. Your life is eternal. God Bless You Always...You are respected, revered, and remembered...We love and admire your indelible warrior spirit just as we love and admire your defiance... We promise you that your death is not in vain.}


Source:  http://www.geocities.com/ambwww/sakia.htm

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