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Poetry by Zakiya


All rights reserved

And copyrighted  


These are just a few of the poems that will be featured in my upcoming book,




Help me

Love me

Guide me

share your embrace

teach me all

share it all

be all

smile on me reach out to me

be loving and patient

be strong yet gentle

give me tenderness

give me sensitivity

give me intelligence

and I’ll give you the world

be open to strength and encouragement

let my wisdom and love fill you

let my breath warm you

let our souls intertwine

put your arms around mine

as I wrap my legs around your waist

whisper in my ear

as I fit snugly in your girth

let the flick of my hair tickle you

as you run your fingers down the small of my back

I’ll trace the world in your chest

then I’ll take your fingers and guide them to my essence

then and only then

when there’s nothing left to give

and we’re spent of all energy

we fold into one, fold into life

fold into each other

where we bond

where we make our mark on society


we make peace out of love


Groove Thang

guy: I’ve come to realize that I love you, respect you, and I want and need you as my moon and earth

girl: Oh baby…I so sorry but iz in a groove thang

guy: your energy moves me

girl: Baby listen up emotions don’t lie...

when I first day you I knew that the heavens were possible the day was cool and bright

and the way you opened that juice made me

warm all over


I was star struck

so I followed you, little did I know that you were following me since birth

now what am I supposed to do because our paths were meant to cross

but you have to know I can’t be down

Iz in a groove thang


Oh what are you doing to me?                         

please don’t give me a puppy dog frown


Oh baby you should know by now

that it’s not you

so don’t take it personal

It’s my groove thang, it’s my atmosphere

it’s the situation I created

for myself but not by myself

What is done can’t be undone…it’s not to meant to be

Oh baby can’t you see…can’t you see

that my planets are aligned and my solar system is fine


My honey is sun and water and I his earth and moon

but when I look at you I see…oh do I see

I see that my love for him is strong


I can’t handle anyone else in my atmosphere this time

Oh the pressures getting to me and I’m wondering

why condense what we have

we don’t need no transformations we are just friends

the road between us mends but it could be our sin

so what am I supposed to do when I’m hooked on you?


so help me out and cut me some slack

and know that if this was

another world another world I wouldn’t be somebody else’s girl

you would no doubt be my be MY SOLAR SYSTEM

we could revolve around each other and have our OWN GROOVE THANG!

right now you are messing with my dome

and playing in my zone

but hold fast and true to our memories

we vibed, we dreamt and meshed energies


so look over yonder to that other world

cause I’ll be there someday


Baby right now I’m in a comfortable zone

so next world, next life, and next body




My life is my own, and so is my love

the strength of one is the strength of all

so the world will soon take its toll

love is lost, love is found

reality makes the world go round


How do I tell you Mother?

Mother how should I say this?
how should I say this without knowing for sure

Correction I know but

But is it a big deal to me?

No!!!   but its something you may need to know

I’m bisexual

Yep there I said it

Now what?

Will you turn your back?
Will you disown me as you always swore?
hey if so … I will be sad

But I wont die or turn back

For I remain the little girl that you use to hug and tuck in bed,
for I feel no shame 
but want love just the same

people look at me and don’t have a clue

people joke about gays with me with a hitch

for my life is the same

I do nothing else different

I still love and care as always

I’m still open, honest and respectful

for my life IS the same
love comes in many different ways
love comes in many colors

love comes from pain

love come from joy

no matter what … love comes ---and it has for me

I am hope you can understand
and just love all the same
because I STILL am the little girl that you use to tuck in bed

And say I love you don’t let the bed bugs bite



The passion of it all

How it truly breaks a fall

Thump Thump

Huddle Huddle

The love of this passion

Hides an ounce of satisfaction


Flight Unknown


I fly up

I fly down

I fly all around

Searching for that new found friend

Fledgling of love

Pledge of peace

My soul to pray

My heart give

Flight unknown

Flight unseen

All crowded

Thought me

I wander

I wonder

Shall I be

When I’m free

Shall I be

At peace

With you and me


Hands of Will


Of their own free will my hands wander.

It’s hard to control them.

They want to present you to my eyes and mouth.

I will love to wash you with my tongue.

Slowly, gently, lovingly then inching you into the

palm of my hands.

You are tall and strong,

Erect as my fingers explore and slide through your

pubic hair

Like an ant at a picnic table.

Your pubic hair sprouts and curls from you.

I imagine you like a tree,

Tall, mighty, hovering, heavy and fruitful

Bearing with good fruit.

I’m so engrossed in your masculinity

I feel like I’m neglecting your balls

Which I can’t wait to suck and lick.

And yes without hesitation you flow your pearly beads

All over my neck and breast.

Splash me, cover me,

Let it shower me on my nipples and down my stomach

Into my navel where it circles my belly ring.

Yes indeed this is what I want for my hands of will.


Chyann L. Oliver
Samantha Johnson
Roberta M. Rosa
Annie Knight (Mable)
Stephanie Adams
M. Bennett Hooper
Maria Joyner

FemmeNoir (c) 2004