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Maria Joyner
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Maria Joyner

Black Queens

Black queens

Strong and bold

How could they ever have thought

About having us sold

Don’t they know that we are more precious

Then pure black gold

So I’ve been told

Now your being told

I’m so glad they no longer

Have that control

You see black queens

Come in all different shapes,

Sizes, colors and flavors

Let me tell you about

Some of Maria’s favorites

You see I like them

Jet black



Coca brown

Mocha brown


Vanilla coffee bean

Oh yeah don’t forget about

My cappuccino queen

You know the kind they

Make with that sweet sweet cream

I know you feel the steam

I’m talking about some

Black beautiful Nubian queens

You see I like it when

A black queen

Can do her own dam thing

Don’t need no one to buy her

No bling bling

You know the one

That wants to whisper in her ear

Hey baby if you let me hit that thing

Ill buy you a new shiny ring

Black queens

Yeah im talking about the same

One’s you see on a bottle of Afro sheen

You see I love it when I’m doing it

With my black queen

She  has me doing some

Real freaky things

You know with the peaches and cream

And licking every thing

Now im going to tried to

Keep this shit clean

Because I know you are ready

To scream before you cream

But you know what it’s like

When doing it with

A black Nubian queen

You see the black queen

Has always been

On the scene

Doing her own dam thing

And this is no disrespect

To the black king

But we just love it better

With a black queen

And as you see

The black queen makes her

Own mean green

And yeah some times

She likes having them

One night flings

And no this is

Not just about a black thing

This is all about Maria

Loving her black Nubian queens

Dam they got this Nubian queen

Getting ready to sing

You know what I mean

Black queens



Use to


Use to be my girl

My beautiful black pearl

Use to say how much

Dam I miss your touch

Use to kiss me

Now you miss me

Use to be my friend

Started stealing my ends

Use to say ill be back

Not until you got your crack

Use to say are you mad

No im just sad

Use to say hi

Now I say bye

Cause I can’t deal with the lies

Chyann L. Oliver
Samantha Johnson
Roberta M. Rosa
Annie Knight (Mable)
Stephanie Adams
M. Bennett Hooper
Maria Joyner

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