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Press Release .....
Club Praize Ministry & PromotionsMALIKA SMITH

East Orange, New Jersey - September 20, 2002 - Club Praize, a newly formed Christian venue, is a platform for all Ministries to share the Word of God through Gospel Music and Christian Entertainment. Club Praize has quickly become a successful and strong entity in the Christian community under the leadership and guidance of it's President and CEO Malika Smith. A vision that was given to Malika is now a reality. Club Praize has been truly blessed and anointed by God. The word has spread to all corners of the world... from the UK to the hills of Colorado to the sunny streets of California. It is truly "...making a phenomenal outreach!"

Under Malika's leadership, Club Praize has definitely began "a Nu-Ministry". Since its inception, Club Praize has had an overwhelming response from all over the nation. It is the cultivator of a new trend that is now developing in the NY area, DC area, Chicago area and many areas around the world. Due to the organization's success, Club Praize will debut its grand opening in Atlanta and presently expecting to open an additional venue on the West Coast.

As a Gospel Music Promoter, Malika has made a name for herself in the past year. She has been inducted as a Professional Member of the Gospel Music Association who is responsible for the Annual Dove and Grammy Awards. She has been featured in the media (online, broadcast and print). Malika has worked with various Gospel Music Celebrity and Independent Artists, Producers, Record Executives and all kinds of "Industry Folk". She is very respected in the Religious and Gospel Music Community.

Malika is also known to the LGBT community. Malika who has since retired from being a promoter in the LGBT community, was known for throwing major parties throughout the New York and New Jersey area. Malika was the CEO of Gyrlz N Da Life Promotions & aXess Promotions. These parties were avenues for hundreds of folk to have a good time with elegance. You name it, it was there with her production. Malika was so great at providing quality events for this particular lifestyle. The LGBT community should be proud to know that Malika has made a step in the Gospel Music Industry as an OUT promoter. Where as it was once believed that anyone from this community is not and cannot be spiritually connected in any way, Malika is a complete example of positive, spiritual and OUT!

At any given event, you will find someone from the Music and Entertainment Industry. You may find a Record Label Executive, Promoter, Radio Announcer and even a Celebrity Artist sitting in the audience. Club Praize has had a few visitors from various artists from GOSPOCENTRIC RECORDS, GRAMMY AWARD WINNING VERITY RECORDS and WORLD RENOWNED KING OF GOSPEL HOUSE MUSIC, KENNY BOBIEN. Club Praize's list of "Industry Folk" includes Executives from the Apollo Theatre, Rhythm & Praise Radio, WBLS, WHCR, WFDU plus many more. The staff members of Club Praize are currently working with playwrights and directors of Gospel Musicals such as "Loving Him Is Killihg Me". Club Praize has been featured in The Christian Life Times, The Tri-State Voice and The East Orange Record. The organization has been featured in Upscale Magazine's August Edition along with such names as Mary Mary, Tonex and more. Malika is also featured in Gospel Truth and Gospel USA Magazine in addition to the online magazine GOSPELCITY.COM September issue.

Club Praize has a big ring to it throughout the East/West Coast abroad, since its inception this past year. The fast growing ministry has since its birth pulled in its audience; great Artist, Comedians, Actors/Actress, and Athletes. Being the Hottest Club on the East Coast to go to every 4th Sunday of the month, Club Praize President Malika Smith often says; "You'll never know who's coming through, you got to bring your own Praize and be in the place"! She rejoices in saying God's will for my life was for a Praize party to be started, and I bless God for life and ministry! Club Praize is an atmosphere for others to come roll up their sleeves and release a praise, relax with family, share your gifts/talents and meet other awesome men/women in ministry, who've also taken some of life's bumps and bruises before or even during the process of fulfilling God's will for their lives! She continues in saying, ministry has to get to a point that it's inviting to everyone, and that's what this Club- house is all about! ATL has opened its doors in welcoming the New Jersey home-based CLUB PRAIZE to its home in October this year. That's right; Club Praize ATL will be the second location for Club Praize Ministries. Malika also stated the next stops are Los Angeles and then the Nations Capitol; Washington, DC! If you are not in either of these areas, Club Praize will be there soon.

This organization has really made a mark for, by and to the Christian Community. They have brought about an awareness to others who do not have a religious faith or religious background and has made an OPEN AND BOLD STATEMENT about "enjoying and loving to be saved!" Here are a few statements from those who experienced the showcase at Club Praize:

"I WAS DEFFINITELY BLESSED!!!" J.S., Massachusetts. "Hi, the name's G-Man & I'm from the UK. I DJ/present a Gospel music show on BBC radio. I would love to spin at one of your events. I like what you're doing & will "spread the word!" about Club Praize." G- MAN, UK. "I am a christian Comedian. I've been in Ministry for 10 yrs. I am very interested in your ministry, I've been involved in several gospel clubs, they didn't prosper because God honors the "head" so if the head is just seeking to serve mammon, then God is NOT going to give it GRACE to survive. I'm so excited about your ministry. God Bless and continue to seek His face!" LVL, Atlanta,GA

About Club Praize
Club Praize sponsors Christian events every 4th Sunday in NJ and every 3rd Sunday in Atlanta. Club Praize sponsors family-oriented/alcohol/drug & smoke-free events.

Company Website:

Club Praize Ministry & Promotions
voice: (973) 417.9965 or 1.877.354.6158

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