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Arts & Entertainment

Phyllis Adair Robinson -- Artist, poet, and author of a self published book entitled "Living My Life" the art, words and poems of Phyllis Adair Robinson

Hanifah Walidah is an artist amongst the artists. First introduced as Sha-Key with the 1994 Hip Hop LP release "A Headnadda's Journey to Adidi-Skizm" helping dismantle some of the given expectations of women in hip hop. She has since, along with reclaiming her birth name (Hanifah Walidah), developed a vocal and performance style that is rooted in the midnight of blues, the backrooms of house, the silent moments of soul and the unshaken will of hip hop. Where to place her in the musical and performance spectrum may always be up for debate, but where to find her is clearly an inch below the skin and just right of the point.

JUCA (Joy, Understanding, Creativity And Abundance)

Judith Casselberry is the founding member of JUCA, an all women's reggae band,
with a rapidly rising reputation for turning out the house!

A unique and powerful group, focusing on reggae with the influences of traditional African, rock, gospel, folk and jazz. We bring voice to the African-American woman's experience pulling from all our roots throughout the African diaspora.

Purple Moon Dance Company --

Purple Moon Dance Project was founded by Artistic Director, Jill Togawa, to realize a creative vision: integrating non-western & western dance forms & aesthetics, & multidisciplinary collaboration, while consistently exploring the continuum of intimacy for women.

Since 1992, Purple Moon has produced an annual home production in San Francisco, & participated in other performance series, festivals, college events & rituals nationally, including Los Angeles, Honolulu, New Mexico, Michigan and Oregon. The company has also participated in international events such as the NGO World Forum on Women in Beijing, China, & the Gay Games Cultural Festival in New York. Purple Moon's educational and outreach programs include workshops and classes for women without formal dance training & girls; including the National Latina Health Organization, The All Girls Photo Project, The Life Foundation (persons dealing with HIV), The Riley Center (services for abused women), BRAVA! for Women in the Arts & The Harvey Milk Institute, Gay & Lesbian Outreach to Elders and The Alternative Family Project.

Carla Williams:  Photographer, educator and freelance writer, talks about her work and her new book The Black Female Body: A Photographic History.

     Thelma LearUntitled Self-Portrait, 1984 - 1985Venus, 1994

Lavender Light Gospel Choir:  Founded in 1985, Lavender Light is a mixed chorus (women and men) with 45 members. Although the group encompasses many ethnic and spiritual backgrounds, the choir provides a special ministry to black lesbians and gays, who have historically been pressured by their communities to choose between their blackness and their gayness.





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