Thank You Janet Jackson

September 19th, 200911:28 pm @ Angela Odom


JanetJackson2OMG!! I so screamed when I finally saw the video from the VMA awards of Janet Jackson’s tribute to her brother. After seeing it, I cried like a big old baby too. I was pleased because she did Michael proud and I loved it.

First, before anyone goes off on how much bigger Elvis was compared to Michael, let me stop you right now. I never liked Elvis sans one song and that was, I believe, Kentucky Rain. Other than that, the guy with the fuzzy sideburns and even weirder looking jumpsuits didn’t do a thing for me. There is also this strange comment he made during a concert where he referenced his backup singers in a very rude and disrespectful way. Sure, MJ had some allegations made against him but none were ever proven and I’ve worked in the legal industry for many years and have seen cases settled when no one did anything wrong. They just wanted it over — you want money? Here, take it and go away!!

Truth is, MJ was more my contemporary.  He and I were the same age, albeit I’m older by a few months and he never lived to see his 51st birthday.  I grew up on the Jackson 5, the Jacksons and Michael Jackson.  My favorite album was Off the Wall and to this day Rock With You still gets a lot of play in my rotation.

Unfortunately, both Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley will always be known as drug abusers and that is sad for both men. I may not have liked the music of Elvis Presley but no one deserves to be looked at or identified for their human failings — drugs, alcohol and that also includes Joe “You Lie” Wilson, Kanye “I’m gonna let you finish” West, and Serena “I’m going to stuff this ball . . .” Williams. People can do crazy things in their lives but their body of work overall should be the focus of our attentions. Now, if they are complete a–holes, that’s different and I guess, to some extent, that too is subjective.

I would love to just GO OFF about one member of the Jackson family, namely Jermaine Jackson, and what I’ve thought about him from day one. The idea he wanted Michael Jackson’s remains — his brother — buried at Neverland Ranch was more than a notion particularly after his brother, Michael Jackson, said he never wanted to return to Neverland and was looking to purchase property in Las Vegas. What is or was he thinking? Then he came up with a concert naming folks who had not committed to the thing. What tha . . .? Then there was his interview on Larry King where he made these statements that . . . . oh never mind.  I’m thinking Jermaine is trying to do what he did when he did what he did last decade. Sheesh!

I have to give it to Janet Jackson though, she delivered up a program fitting for a King of Pop. She gave the floor to dancers, dressed in every conceivable or memorable MJ costume, and they danced to the tunes of Michael Jackson. It was beautiful. The pièce de résistance was Scream and that song made for a fitting ending to the piece for many reasons. That was beautiful and thank you Janet Jackson for walking your brother home in grand style. That was excellent.

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The trailer is out for the behind the scenes preps for Michael Jackson’s O2 tour.  I have to say he looks like his old self, just a little too thin for my tastes but, then again, Michael often hung out on the thin side.  The film supposedly will only run for two weeks in theaters and you have to order your tickets in advance.  Ka-Ching!!!  I personally will wait until it comes out on DVD — if ever — but I’m not going to a theater to see it.  Sorry.

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