Chemo Part II

August 15th, 200911:36 am @ Angela Odom



At least my iPhone did not distort my arm quite as much as my Blackberry did

. . . and four more to go. Yesterday’s chemo event was uneventful and I’m thankful. I did not experience the heart beating hard against my ribcage and I did not experience that overwhelming feeling I had the first go round to belch to my heart’s content. I did experience a little dizziness that rose slowly and then dissipated which was so much better than the sudden dizziness I had the first time that almost caused me to pass out.

Today, I’m not quite sure what I’m feeling. I don’t know if the feeling in my belly is more about wanting to belch or if it is in fact nausea. I guess I will know soon enough, particularly if I find myself moving closer and closer to the porcelain palace in search of relief. If that happens, thankfully I still have the meds I didn’t need the first time to get me through this, if needed.

I will say this past week was not the best. First, I experienced severe pain and fatigue both on Sunday and Monday. It appeared to quiet down somewhat on Tuesday but, I did have a bout of nausea that caused some praying before the porcelain deity.

On Wednesday, the pain and fatigue returned with a vengeance causing me to feel as if I was coming down with the flu — achy muscles and extreme fatigue. The fatigue was so great I could barely keep my eyes open and I ended up having to leave work earlier than desired because I was of no good use. When I returned home I went to bed and slept a good 12 hours straight.  Thursday, I awoke feeling refreshed and like my old self again but I have no explanation for what happened or why.

Friday, I felt well sans a little unexplained pain in my side that made coughing or any rib movement painful.  I’m guessing the hard sleep Wednesday night caused the pain.  I will admit feeling a bit of dread prior to treatment because I was unsure if my blood count changed for the worse.  What I felt this week was not good in my eyes and since my last CBC test was two weeks prior, I had no idea what was going on in my body to create this week’s rebellion.  A blood test was taken, at my subtle insistence, and apparently I was greenlighted good to go.

My visit this time made my stay a little longer than anticipated and to be truthful, I’m glad I had to see a doctor prior to receiving the treatment.  A good practice I’d say.  During this doctor visit I was encouraged to drink lots-o-water because they want the drug out of my system in 48-hours.  Well they don’t have to worry about me ’cause I drink boatloads of water, about 2-3 liters a day if not more. I’ve got the water thing covered.

Again, midway through the treatment I had the urge to eat anything that wasn’t nailed down.  I was not only very hungry, I was thirty too and afterward, I sat myself down to a big ole patty melt with lots and lots of lemonade.  Afterward, I hit a food coma so hard it made my head spin — in a good way.

I will continue with the supplements and will do everything I can to keep myself fortified — whatever that means — until the next visit.  Hopefully I will get through all of these without incident.

With that, I can say I still feel pretty good.  The hair loss subsided somewhat, don’t know why, and my hair is growing like crazy.  Imagine that if you will, sparse head-o-hair but growing long.  Put me out in a corn field and watch the crows disperse.

I did receive my fabulous wig from Wilshire Wigs and, if I can make it by there today, I’m going to head over there to see if I can fetch myself up another one. I will admit, off-black was probably not the best choice for this middle-aged woman.  I certainly am not trying to run away from my age and trying to act young is not who I am.  Old woman, hard black, don’t look good and it’s a little too much hair for me.  I need to style it a bit and will probably get myself a good pair of sheers — well not that bad — for styling it.  I think I’ll purchase another one like it — in a different and brighter color — and perhaps something that is more frilly and carefree.  Oh heck, I’m just nosy.

Video: My Chemo Treatment

Okay, so what else do you with three hours to burn and an iPhone. You take videos is what you do. Note the bags are 1) the anti-nausea pre-treatment; and 2) the actual Cytoxan which took forever.