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The Bull Jean Stories
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June 2003 - Featured Book . . .

The Bull-Jean Stories by Sharon Bridgeforth

One of my favorite books is the Bull-Jean Stories.  I have both the book and the CD (thanks to Lisa Moore of Redbone Press).  Listening to the CD is by far the best way to settle into this book.  Having spent many summers in Virginia and South Carolina, listening to the language and music brought back memories of the women I often saw walking up or down the roads, the houses, the back woods, and some questions I had about some of those women.  Uhmm, makes you wonder -- really makes you wonder.
The book is a quick read, but I would urge you to take in the words and imagery, slowly.  Let your mind wonder with each passage and, if you're a country girl or a city girl like me who frequented Southern cities, the images will bring back the long and easy days of summer.  Get the CD as well and put on a listening party and chuckle with a couple of girlfriends.  The book/CD is not one you want to miss and is a must have for your library.  ADO


To order the Bull-Jean Stories by Sharon Bridgeforth, published by Redbone Press Send checks or money orders to:
RedBone Press
P.O. Box 15571

Washington, DC 20003
Please add $3.50 shipping/handling per order
Phone:  (202) 667-0392
or visit Sharon Bridgeforth's site at:


Sharon Bridgforth and RedBone Press publisher Lisa Moore at Brentano's Bookstore in Cleveland
photo by Lincoln Pettaway

About RedBone Press
RedBone Press is the only Black lesbian-owned publishing house in the country dedicated to publishing the work of black lesbian writers.  Lisa Moore is someone who is committed to creating history.  
 "Lisa is ... changing the face of the publishing industry, literally. So around the country, people in the publishing industry, particularly in the small press pockets, are taking notice of what Lisa's doing." What's she doing? "A lot of the publishers don't think black people read and buy books. And she's selling.  Her target is black lesbians, but she's selling universally and selling lots. So they all want to know, 'How are you doing this?' Particularly with work like mine."  -- Sharon Bridgeforth

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