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Oumou Sy - Africa
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Oumou Sy photo credit: Oumou Sy

The Haute Couture designer   Oumou Sy is the owner of several showrooms in Paris, London and Geneva. In the capital of Dakar Oumou opened the first West African Internet Café. She also    runs an institute for fashion and numerous weaving mills. In 2003 Oumou Sy will be coming to Europe with a fascinating spectacle of fashion, dance and music.
Oumou Sy, native of Podor, in Fouta, is a creative autodidact who knows how to use traditional materials for the creation of original collections. For five years she has organized, with Metissacana, the International Week for Fashions and has invited designers from all over the world.
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BP 6491 - Dakar -Sénégal
Tél : (221) 823 89 18
Fax : (221) 628 20 95

Website:  http://www.metissacana.sn/oumousy/








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