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Come journey with us...Shonia, Deardria and Trish will take you there...

Where? Wherever your mind and body want to go.


Shonia Brown, author of "A Deeper Love," Deardria Adri Enne Nesbitt, author of "3 The Hard Way," "Back in the Day," and "Drama" and Trish Carter, author of "Linger," in collaboration with the creative musical talents of Dezz and Vybe Records have created an audio CD that will provide the mood music for both couples and single lovers! The words from their books have been eloquently fused with the music of local Atlanta artist Dezz.

The wait for the actual release of the CD is almost over. The threesome have been working feveriously to bring to you a high quality production that will please any listener's or reader's desires. So be patient with them, they want to make sure you're truly satisfied!

Nghosi Books.com is the first to give you a sample of these sensational vibes. Trust us, this CD is a collector's item and will be suitable for a long train ride home, road trip to any destination, or in the confines of your bedroom. So sit back and listen to the following samples, and then pre-order/register for your personal copy of the new CD. Retail Price: $8.00 + shipping and handling: $3.95.

We promise, you'll never be disappointed, only satisfied beyond your wildest desires!

To hear selections from this CD and to purchase, CLICK HERE for more info.



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