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Discover where XP hides NetMeeting.

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Learn from one person's installation experience with XP.

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Learn 50 secrets of Windows XP.

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Think You Control Your Domain Name? Think Again!
Butch Pujol

Let me ask you some questions that may sound "obvious" but can have downright scary answers. Did you buy your domain name from a service? Do you know who is in control of your domain name? Have you done a "Whois" search to find out? The answer may very well shock you!

Buying a domain name is a very easy thing to do. But if you buy a domain name without any knowledge of "ownership" vs. "control", you could very well be headed down a bumpy road.

Unfortunately, most Web site owners are unaware that "ownership" does not equate to "control." Just because you paid for your domain name does not mean you have access or authority to make changes, transfers or other necessary functions. But if not you - the owner - who does?

There are 4 components to a domain name:

Registrant: you - the person who registered the domain name

Billing Contact: could be anyone

Technical Contact: could be anyone

Administrative Contact: could be anyone

The registrant is you. You might assume that items two, three and four are also you. A natural assumption. Guess what. most of the time they are not! THIS is where you get into trouble.  [Read More]


Internet Marketing Wide Open to Women
Andrea Wilson

At the April, 2002 Internet Marketing & Direct Mail Super Conference in Atlanta only one-fifth of the audience was women and none of the ten speakers. Several speakers mentioned that Internet marketing is wide open for women. The question is: Why are more women not getting involved when many are ideally situated to take up Internet marketing?

Women may be assuming that Internet marketing requires computer skills beyond their knowledge or interest. Actually, if a woman can surf the Web, she can do everything she needs to become an expert in Internet marketing. For activities that take a bit more knowledge, like downloading eBooks and setting up a web site, there is plenty of affordable help to be found. Most women have a computer-literate relative or friend who can teach her a few tricks. 
[Read More]




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