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The Allure of Freelance Writing
Pat Alli-Hines

For those who love to write, the allure of making money from something you love is most appealing. Being able to write; right where you live, working in your jammies, can be the dream job. So, how can you do what you love minus the stressful commute without driving yourself and your family crazy?

It takes more than writing talent to become a successful freelancer. Everything originates in the thought process, not only in writing the content. First, never under estimate the power of positive thinking. Next, consider the six P's - Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance. Combined a strong belief in your own ability, which is paramount to any successful venture. These are your first steps towards preparing yourself to handle many forms of rejection. Unfortunately, there will be rejection. Yet, what one may consider trash, another may praise it as the greatest treasure. I call this putting on your rhino skin of perseverance. Criticism hurts and demands a shield of steel. 
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How to Perform Gracefully in Business
Joan Marques

People often say that business is diehard. That may be true in some ways. They also frequently assert that business is primarily for making money. That it requires alertness in seeking opportunities, and entails getting used to an ever-accelerating pace of change. All of that is definitely right. However, in the midst of all this revolutionary thinking and acting, one can still be graceful and candid in business. And the attitude of elegance and sincerity can be performed toward partners, subordinates, suppliers, and competitors alike! There has never been a rule that excluded correct behavior from being a good businessperson. Actually, one can only perform well in business if a graceful approach is considered seriously in all actions.

According to the belief system of the Navajo, there are two sides to every aspect of life, and one cannot be without the other: for example, dark needs light and good needs bad. This train of thought could be extended to business issues, whereby we can conclude that revolution-readiness needs gracefulness, change alertness needs flexibility, and lasting success needs honesty. How could one possibly be able to perform excellently in the long run without creating solid room for serene harmony in his/her life? Isn't this more or less what they mean with the eternal quest for balance? The strongest business leaders and the most renowned gurus in this area never seem to miss an opportunity to stress the importance of balance: making sure that all relevant areas in our lives are covered and that, hence, physical wellness gets as much attention as mental health. 
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Does SBA have grants for businesses?
How do I finance my business?
How do I get federal contracts?
How do I find a mentor?
How can I develop business Internet skills?
How do I sell overseas?
Is there help for women with special needs?
Is there special help for girls?
How can I prepare for a natural disaster?

Construction Woman

Want to sell to the federal government? Start by going to, the premiere, online gateway for women-owned businesses. At this site, you can register your business with federal government contractor databases. The three main government registries are PRO-Net, Central Contractor Registration (CCR) and Electronic Posting System (EPS). Access and information about these sites can be found at

"Selling to the Federal Government" is an SBA guide offering a step-by-step introduction to the world of federal contracting, and demystifies the technical and marketing challenges that contracting involves.

Once you've mastered the basics, you will soon be able to move on to our EC/EDI section that will cover more advanced topics in "Electronic Commerce and Electronic Data Interchange:"

SBA has recently added a new office called Contracting Assistance for Women Business Owners. Check their site for some helpful information.

Another important site for doing business with the Government is

Women’s Business Centers

Each women’s business center provides assistance and/or training in finance, management, marketing, procurement and the Internet, as well addressing specialized topics such as home-based businesses, corporate executive downsizing and welfare-to-work. All provide individual business counseling and access to the SBA’s programs and services; a number are also intermediaries for the SBA’s MicroLoan and Loan Prequalification programs. Each WBC tailors its programs to the needs of its constituency; many offer programs and counseling in two or more languages. The following is contact information and a brief description of each WBC.

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