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Mark Your Calendars

Coming in March 2004
Ta'Shia Asanti On The Sci-Fi Channel 

Series Premiere March 2004
On The Sci-Fi Channel
Watch the Quicktime Teaser

What most people commonly refer to as Voodoo can be more accurately described as an Afro-Carribbean syncretic religion, i.e., a fusion of several disparate religious traditions into a new form. Ta?Shia Asanti, the real Yoruba Priestess, will cast her spell in March, on the Sci-Fi Channel's Mad Mad House"There are some people who should never live together, but it would be fun to watch."

Coming in May 2004
A New Show By Imani Henry
Living in the Light

Imani Henry (credit: Angela Jimenez)

For More Information, Visit Imani Henry's Website at:

Renita Martin

Coming April & June, 2004
Renita Martin

April 2004
Last Rites, by Letta Neely
The Theatre Offensive
Boston, MA

May - June 2004
Five Bottles in a Six Pack
written and performed by Renita Martin
directed by Robbie McCauley
bassist Jane Wang

A Chronicle of the healing and integration of the several characters inhabiting the mind of a woman whose sanity has been challenged.
May 25 - June 5
The Cherry Lane Theatre, New York

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