Sistah Summerfest 2003
June 6-8, 2003
An Event for Womyn of all Ages,
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Updated: 04/01/03 02:16:05 PM

This Month on FemmeNoir
April 2003

Well, it is time for me to step back from FemmeNoir now and take care of a little pressing business. After realizing a few weeks ago I could have lost my only brother, I feel it necessary to spend more time with family, get a life, and entertain the possibilities of a new relationship. Recently, two people I love, admire and work closely with lost a parent within 24-hours of each other. Loving the ones you're with becomes paramount when you witness devastating loses such as these and new paradigms emerge. Additionally, I now have yet another friend who is dying of cancer. Last year, I lost a friend I met in my new life. This year, I will lose a good friend from my old life.

You have probably noticed the site has been scaled back. This helps me in not having to update the site so often. Additionally, I have grown since writing some of my commentaries thus, some of what I believed then may not be what I believe going forward. The beautiful thing about life is you grow, you learn and you change. I can certainly see how I have changed and grown in the last two years.

From this point forward, FemmeNoir will stand as a witness for young and old, gay and straight, of the accomplishments and contributions of lesbians of color. As time permits, I will add new Leaders & Legends, articles, poetry, and other contributions from lesbians of color worldwide. But, you will see very little, if anything, from me. I have not been an out lesbian of color who has participated in GLBT organizations or events and to be honest, I probably never will. I am, however, a for-profit thinking business woman who will probably take over a business that I wrote the marketing and business plans for and my friend implemented those plans to create a successful business. Whether I decide to continue with her business or set it up for someone else to take on the responsibility, the clock on the wall has struck midnight and a new day has dawned. It is now time for me to walk back across the bridge I crossed some years ago to meet Christine and return to the life I once knew.

Since FemmeNoir is not dependent upon funding from outside organizations, you can be assured, particularly now, that FemmeNoir will always be here. I guarantee it.

This Month's Leaders & Legends

This month, FemmeNoir's focus is on the National Black Lesbian Conference and the women and organizations involved. Unfortunately, I have so much on my plate I will not be able to attend this year's conference -- maybe next time -- but this year's conference is one not to miss. This year's Elder Speak Project honors our older lesbian sisters and they have much to contribute. Check out the seminars and speakers at this year's conference. I am sure, for all who attend, you will not be disappointed.

In Unity
Angela D. Odom

Lift Your Voice and Sing!

FemmeNoir is an international site and it is quite pleasing to see links to FemmeNoir on sites around the world in Brazil, the UK, Africa, Germany, Italy, France, etc. Let your voice be heard and contribute your works, words or ideas to FemmeNoir. Let other women know they are not alone in their feelings of sadness or joy.

If you would like to contribute to FemmeNoir, please drop me a line at and let me know. Im looking for articles about our lives, loves and lifestyle. Any happenings you want posted on the site? Please send to with flyers or information. Please indicate city, state, and area code for contact info. 2001

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