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Formed in 1974 in Boston and cofounded by Barbara Smith, the Combahee River Collective (CRC) took its name from the South Carolina river that was the site of a military action led by Harriet Tubman that freed hundreds of slaves.  As stated by the CRC, they were "a Black feminist group in Boston whose name came from the guerrilla action conceptualized and led by Harriet Tubman on June 2, 1863, in the Port Royal region of South Carolina. This action freed more than 750 slaves and is the only military campaign in American history planned and led by a woman." This influential statement succinctly analyzed the divergences and convergences between the Black Arts Movement and the Black feminist movement.  Combahee River Collective was founded to work on African-American women's issues.  During its six years of existence, this group worked on issues including violence against women, racism, sexism and heterosexism and reproductive rights. 

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