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Eva Yaa Asantewaa
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Eva Yaa Asantewaa
evaphotocropped.jpgFounder Radical Magick / Metaphysical Counselor & Author

Eva Yaa Asantewaa can trace her family roots in spirituality and the paranormal back to her maternal grandfather whose interests included astrology, yoga, Theosophy, magnetic healing, and mind science. A native New Yorker of African-Caribbean lineage, Eva maintains a private practice that includes Tarot-based counseling, sacred symbolism, meditation coaching, dreamwork, Therapeutic Touch and other healing and transformative modalities.

While studying at Fordham University (B.A., Communications,1974), Eva was introduced to Jungian psychology and the "mind games" techniques created by Robert Masters and Jean Houston. She also studied Community Health Education at Hunter College School of Health Sciences and received the Hunter College President's Award for HIV/AIDS Creative and Scholarly Work, First Prize, 1992.

Through Radical Magick (which she founded in 1992), Eva has produced and facilitated workshops and special events sponsored by over fifty health and social service, spiritual, feminist, people of color, and gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender organizations in the New York metropolitan area. Among these are the New York Open Center’s Womanspirit Journey program, New York Theosophical Society, College of New Rochelle, Healing Works, New York State Conference on Women’s Health, Riverside Church Wellness Center, Women’s Health Education Project, and Women’s Rites Center. (See below for complete list.)

Eva’s poetry appears in The Zenith of Desire: Contemporary Lesbian Poems about Sex (ed., Gerry Gomez Pearlberg, Crown, 1996), Does Your Mama Know? An Anthology of Black Lesbian Coming Out Stories (ed., Lisa C. Moore, RedBone Press, 1997), Queer Dog: Homo Pup Poetry (ed., Gerry Gomez Pearlberg, Cleis, 1997), Isis Rising: The Goddess in the New Aeon (ed., Denise Dumars, 2000), Brooklyn Review, Kuumba, Starfish, WV, Tempus, The Isis Papers, and the Pegasus Dreaming, Star Leaper, and Pedestal Magazine Web sites. Most recently, she was published in An Eye for An Eye Makes the Whole World Blind: Poets on 9/11 (Regent Press) and will appear in Spirited: Affirming the Soul and Black Gay/Lesbian Identity (Redbone Press). She has read at numerous venues including the Brooklyn Museum, the Lesbian and Gay Community Services Center, A Different Light Bookstore, Bowery Poetry Club, and Cornelia Street Cafe.

Since 1976, Eva has published dance journalism appearing in Dance Magazine, Soho News, and The Village Voice, among other print and online publications. She has interviewed performing artists, choreographers, and artistic directors and evaluated dance organizations for the New York State Council on the Arts, the National Endowment for the Arts, and other arts funding organizations. As a WBAI radio broadcaster (1987-89), she worked with the Women’s Radio Collective and the Gay and Lesbian Independent Broadcasters Collective (OUTLOOKS), and co-hosted the Tuesday Afternoon Arts Magazine with Jennifer Bernet as well as producing her own specials. Eva publishes DancingWorld -- www.yahoogroups.com/group/DancingWorld -- a monthly email newsletter devoted to Tarot, psychic and spiritual development, and creativity, founded in January 2001.


Eva has produced and/or offered presentations, special events, workshops, groups, counseling or other services for the following organizations and projects.

African Ancestral Lesbians United for Societal Change (AALUSC)

AIDS Service Center of Lower Manhattan

Audre Lorde Project’s Arms Akimbo Organizing Institute, 1998

Audre Lorde Project’s Wellness Forum, 2002

Bedford Hills Correctional Facility

Changing Times, Changing Women Conference

College of New Rochelle (Brooklyn campus) –"Holistic Approaches to Wellness" course

The Crystal Quilt

Gay Men of African Descent (GMAD) Adult HIV Prevention Program

Gay Men's Health Crisis (GMHC) Intensive Case Management Unit

First Universal Spiritual Church

13th Annual Gay and Lesbian Addiction Studies (GLAS) Conference

12th Annual GLAS Conference--Reconstructing Recovery: Healing Technologies for the 21st Century

Gay , Lesbian and Bisexual Alliance, Kingsborough Community College

Haitian Women’s Program

HAPI, Inc. (agency for home healthcare workers)

Healing Path Farm

Healing Works

Housing Works

Howie T. Harp Advocacy Center

Initiative for Women with Disabilities (Hospital for Joint Diseases, Beth Israel Medical Center)

Spirit Crossroads’ Inside Out Conference, 1997

Spirit Crossroads’ Inside Out: Pride in Spirit

The Lesbian Care Center

Lesbian Feminist Liberation

Liberate Your Health! Bodywork Fair

Manhattan Center for Living

Men of All Colors Together (MACT)

New York City Lesbian Health Fair

New York Open Center--Womanspirit Journey Program

New York State Conference on Women's Health, 1994

New York Theosophical Society

Pillars of HER Tradition

PWA Coalition Men’s Group

Rising Spirits Healing and Learning Center

Riverside Church Wellness Center: Holistic Approaches to Cancer Care series

Rivington House

Senior Action in A Gay Environment (SAGE)

Shades of Lavender (Brooklyn AIDS Task Force)

Staten Island HIV Care Network: Conference 1998

Stuyvesant Chiropractic Center

The Tarot School

To Tell The Truth 2002 Conference (Incest Awareness Foundation)

A. J. Vargas Seminars

W.E.R.I.S.E. International Women Artist Conference 2003

Women’s Coffee House

Women’s Health Education Project

Women’s Rites Center


Eva publishes DancingWorld -- www.yahoogroups.com/group/DancingWorld -- a biweekly eNewsletter devoted to Tarot, psychic and spiritual development, and creativity, founded in January 2001.

To submit books or decks for review by Eva, please send them to:
Eva Yaa
Radical Magick
PO Box 1133, Peter Stuyvesant Station
New York, NY 10009

Website:  http://home.mindspring.com/~magickal1/

Black Angel Tarot Review (c) Eva Yaa

Source:  http://tarotcanada.tripod.com/EvaYaaAsantewaa.html

Resources:  Poetry & Creative Writing Based on Dreams & Tarot

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Interview With Eva Yaa Asantewaa's Internet Spring Equinox Project is the focus of another selection from April 1996 during this season of unusual and highly active celestial activity, through which Eva opens our awareness as to how we might open ourselves to these powerful, universal energies anytime.


does your mama know?- An Anthology of Black Lesbian Coming Out Stories

Queer Dog: Homo Pup Poetry, Vol. 2
Queer Dog: Homo Pup Poetry, Vol. 2

The Zenith of Desire: Contemporary Lesbian Poems about Sex
The Zenith of Desire: Contemporary Lesbian Poems about Sex

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