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February 2004
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Last Updated Thursday, February 12, 2004

Celebrating Black History Month

Leaders & Legends

Mandy Carter

Mandy Carter is one of the nation's leading African American lesbian activists. An extraordinary political activist, Carter has organized the grassroots in almost every major region of this country over the last 30-plus years. 

Mandy grew up in upstate NY Born November 2, 1948, in Albany, NY where she was raised in orphanages and foster care. She arrived in NC via San Francisco.  Mandy's early political activism includes her work with the War Resistors League. Mandy was an early director of NCPRIDEPAC, and helped found SONG--Southerners On New Ground -- at the Durham Creating Change Conference in 1993. A noted speaker, Mandy has traveled extensively, educating audiences about LGBT rights in a broader social justice movement. A winner of the prestigious Stonewall Award, Mandy Carter has enough energy for an army of organizers, and she never fails to maintain her sense of humor. Mandy is an articulate and non-confrontational doer, who get things accomplished by her motivational mentoring and by exemplary and tireless activity. She has forged strong and indelible ties between the natural allies that exist in the African-American, religious, and LGBT communities. Mandy is unforgettable as a symbol of what organizational skill can mean to the development of a movement and the centering of a culture.  [Read More]


A.D. Odom

Butch Mystique


Some women come into "the life" through many doors.  She may walk through the doors of a gay and lesbian center, or a gay and lesbian organization while in college.  She may walk through the door of a lesbian club after circling the site for days or months before entering.  She may walk into the life of another woman and fall in love.  Later, when the heat of the relationship grows cold, realize she is who she is and will seek out other women like herself.  She may walk through the door of a good friend and find herself in her good friend?s bed, discovering her bisexuality and later, realize she is a lesbian.  She may walk through the doors of a swinger?s club where both men and women cohort together and soon discover she really does prefer women to men.  She may even walk through the door of an instructor?s office, like I did, and find herself being introduced to women who do not identify as lesbians, but as women who prefer the company of other women.  [Read More]



Gay Marriage and African Americans, Part 2

Wednesday, Massachusetts legislators debated whether to amend their state's constitution to ban same-sex marriages. NPR's Tavis Smiley talked to Jasmyne Cannick with the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, and Keith Boykin, a long-time gay rights activist and president of the National Black Justice Coalition.

»  Listen to Gay Marriage and African Americans, Part 2

» Gay Marriage and African Americans, Part 1

If the listening links above fail to work, go to site here: http://www.npr.org/rundowns/segment.php?wfId=1670553
Keeping History
The Black Gay and Lesbian Archive
by Sidney Brinkley (Blacklight Online)

Steven G. Fullwood is a collector of Black Gay history. He is the curator of the Black Gay and Lesbian Archive, developed for the sole purpose of documenting Black Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Same Gender Loving cultures. BGLA officially began in 2000 and presently holds hundreds of items. ?I have books, magazines, journals, flyers, music, film/videos, and other related files that so far measures twelve linear feet,? he said. ?Actually the archive started before I started it, meaning that much of what I owned as a collector inaugurated the archive.?  [Read More]

Love and Blessings:
A Moment with Me'Shell Ndege'ocello
By Ronda Racha Penrice (Swirl Magazine)

Me'Shell Ndege'ocello can not be categorized and the gatekeepers of the industry hate that. How many times have we read that Me'shell doesn't sell records because she is gay. This is despite the fact that she refuses to classify herself. "I don't really care," she says. "Whatever. I just like to go play, have a good time." And that's what pisses them off.

She's bold. Unlike other new artists, she came into the game irreverent. "If That's Your Boyfriend (He Wasn't Last Night)," her first single from Plantation Lullabies, shocked many with its audacity. In 1993, affairs were discreet, especially on the part of women. Listening to today's records, female singers are still not in confrontation mode. Amazingly, over the years, Me'Shell hasn't lost that fire. She still does not buck down to anyone.  [Read More]

On The Web

Kimberly "Q"

Kimberly "Q", is Artistic Director and Co-Founder of ToDaz Woman Productions.  She is an actress, singer, writer, has performed in numerous award winning productions such as, The Children?of the Night, winner of 3 NAACP awards, and a GLAAD award; Shakin The Mess Outta Misery, winner of an OOBR; and is a six-time AUDELCO award winner, ?Best Supporting Actress? in 1998 for Gertrude Jeannette?s Gladys? Dilemma and ?Best Leading Actress? in 2002 for her one-woman piece entitled J?ai Deux Amours? A Journey With Josephine Baker and four AUDELCO's including Best Dramatic Production in American Menu.

"Q", as she is so affectionately called, has been hailed by the Los Angeles Times as a " high-steppin actress with drop dead looks" and by the New York Times as "a convincingly, satisfying actress". "Acting is life; life that changes and grows and if you don't live it?you're not in it!" Know your past, because it is the key to your future!"

Her most recent production, J'ai Deux Amours...A Journey With Josephine Baker was written and Performed by Kimberly "Q".
J'ai Deux Amours...A Journey With Josephine Baker, takes you through the life and career of Madame Josephine Baker. From her start as a street performer to her taking Paris by storm; her stance on civil rights, to her undercover days as a spy for the French Resistance; her motivation to adopt 12 children to her eviction from her precious Les Milandes and right back to her triumphant return to stardom! A spectacular and inspirational story that will leave you saying "For what I may have known of Josephine, I've learned even more."

Discover ToDaz Woman and other productions on their website at:  http://todazwoman.org/index.html

Playing This Month On Black Starz

Sisters In Cinema
Director: YVONNE WELBON 2003
Synopsis: Filmmaker Yvonne Welbon goes off to Hollywood in search of African-American women directors only to make some shocking discoveries along the way.
Copyright: © 2003 OUR FILM WORKS
Preview: Preview


Time (et)



Sun, Feb 8

Black STARZ!

1h 01min.

Mon, Feb 9

Black STARZ!

1h 01min.

Thr, Feb 12

Black STARZ!

1h 01min.

Thr, Feb 12

Black STARZ!

1h 01min.

Wed, Feb 18

Black STARZ!

1h 01min.

Wed, Feb 18

Black STARZ!

1h 01min.

Mon, Feb 23

Black STARZ!

1h 01min.

Mon, Feb 23

Black STARZ!

1h 01min.

Sat, Feb 28

Black STARZ!

1h 01min.

Sat, Feb 28

Black STARZ!

1h 01min.

Sun, Feb 29

Black STARZ!

1h 01min.

Sun, Mar 14

Black STARZ!

1h 01min.

Sun, Mar 14

Black STARZ!

1h 01min.



BUTCH MYSTIQUE gets personal and political with the stories of butch, black lesbians revealed in bold, lucid interviews.

Butch Mystique
Debra Wilson,
34 min, dv, color

Playing On Showtime's Black Filmmaker Showcase: Butch Mystique
February 4, 2004

Butch Mystique a film by Debra Wilson (USA)

BUTCH MYSTIQUE is a documentary by Debra Wilson that exposes the rules, thoughts, passions, and concerns of African American butch-stud, identified lesbians. Women from varying backgrounds-as mothers, activists, and artists - share raw, powerful and intimate thoughts on being outside the norm, being powerful butch identified women and being themselves. 

Air Date:  Showtime Black Filmmaker Showcase:  February 4, 2004 @ 8:00 p.m.
Butch Mystique (Color/34:52)

Other Sheduled Showings: 
February 14, 2004:    12:15 p.m.    Showtime Too
February 15, 2004:    12:00 p.m.    Showtime
For more info, visit Showtime

Ms. Wilson is an award-winning filmmaker whose most recent work, Butch Mystique, opened to critical acclaim at the San Francisco International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival.

Butch Mystique
Debra Wilson,
34 min, dv, color


Sunday, August 31, 2003

 (220 height x 180 width)Here! Is Your Gay TV!
Dedicated Gay TV Launches on DIRECTV®
By Alessandro D'Amico

I never thought I’d see the day where I’d have to add a Gay TV Channel column on or offline.

So it’s with great delight that I can report the nation’s first television destination serving the gay and lesbian market: ->here! Pay Per View! I’ve always liked the concept of pay per view: You don’t need to get out of the house, you just sit on the couch, play with your remote, and voila! The movie you wanted to see is !here!  [Read More]

It’s in the Water

Big hair, eccentric personalities, and Southern manners collide when an AIDS hospice opens up in a sleepy Texas town. As a result, local conservatives are forced to their wits end and rise up, trying put an end to it. Alex, a married woman bored with her mundane social life and distant husband, goes against the tradition of her peers and accepts a job at the hospice. This leads to an unexpected romance with another co-worker — who happens to be a woman.

Here Pay Per View
10:52 pm pdt

Town Hall Meeting


Does Your Family Have Legal Rights? Should you and your partner register with the state? What is AB 205? Will same -sex marriage ever be legal in California? Get answers to these questions and more by attending this important event.

Los Angeles Town Hall Meeting on LGBT Relationship Rights


Tuesday, Sept. 16, 2003

Town Hall


7 - 9 p.m.


West Hollywood Park Auditorium


647 North San Vicente Boulevard


The Equality California (EQCA) Institute and the ANGLE Foundation will host a Los Angeles Town Hall Meeting on September 16, 2003 to address the rapidly changing legal status of LGBT relationships. Topics addressed will include current California domestic partnership laws, AB 205 (the Domestic Partner Rights and Responsibilities Act of 2003), the recent marriage breakthrough in Canada, and the pending marriage cases in Massachusetts and New Jersey.

Presented By:

Human Rights Campaign Foundation and the City of West Hollywood

Hosted By:

Human Rights Campaign Foundation and the City of West Hollywood

Partners Include:

The LA Gay & Lesbian Center, Lambda Legal, National Center for Lesbian Rights, Marriage Equality California, and a number of other local groups.

Ticket Price:

free; no R.S.V.P necessary.

Event info:

Come ask questions, share your stories and find out what you can do to help your current or future family achieve what every American family deserves - total equality under the law.


For more info:

Contact: Toni Broaddus, 213-427-0079



Issues & Legislation: Domestic Partners Benefits and Obligations Act, H.R. 638
What's happening in your state?: California


10:07 pm pdt

Friday, August 29, 2003

it's gettin' hot in here...

come on out & party at a Tea Dance Fundraiser
for the feature length documentary film:
DESIRE: Exploring Butch/Femme

4-8 pm
$10 donation

3158 Mission St. (@ Precita)
San Francisco
$10 donation (must be 21)

Mz Emily, TRilce

Skeeter & Tina D'Elia

Richelle Donnigan, dancer
Stephanie Reif, lusty cabaret
drag king performances by
"Barry White" & Papa Dino

BBQ (hamburgers, veggie burgers) & other goodies
Cool Raffle and door prizes, fine babes and more...

for more info.
(415) 789-8477

Desire: Exploring Butch/Femme is a documentary film in progress which is examining what butch/femme identity and dynamics mean now; and how our understanding and communication about these terms inform our sense of core gender identity; how we relate to ourselves, each other; and how we access and name our sexual desire as lesbians.

9:05 pm pdt

Wednesday, August 20, 2003



Jasmyne Cannick
Bamboo Media Urban PR
(310) 775-3153
(323) 734-1159


Thelma HoustonLos Angeles, CA (Aug. 18, 2003) - The world-famous Jewel's Catch One Disco Club will celebrate it's 30 year anniversary over the Labor Day Weekend in Los Angeles.  Friday, August 29 the Catch One will bring back the 70's with guest bartenders, deejays and prices from when the doors opened in 1973.  Saturday, August 30, Grammy winning songstress ("Don't Leave Me This Way") and 70's R&B Diva, Thelma Houston will perform during the Catch's signature "Does Your Mama Know," a 12 dance party running from 9 p.m. until 9.a.m., with legendary house music deejay Billy Long.  The price of admission has been reduced to $1 before $10:30 p.m. and $10 after.  Sunday, August 31 "Sisters and Brothers in the Name of Love" will bring together performers and community collaborators from the last 30 years and a special awards presentation (4 p.m.).  Jewel's Catch One is located at 4067 West Pico Boulevard in Los Angeles.  For more information, call (323) 734-8849 or visit www.jewelscatchone.com.

Celebrating thirty years off the traditional strip, Jewel's Catch One is the premier dance club outside the usual dancing scene and an icon in Los Angeles.  .  A popular club by night, Jewel's Catch-One functions as a community center by day.  Jewel Thais-Williams founder and owner of the popular Jewel's Catch-One Disco is the recipient of numerous honors and awards, including the Berman/Schaffer Award and  the "Woman of the Year" Award from several organizations, including the Los Angeles Sentinel Newspaper.  Ms. Thais-Williams was the recipient of the prestigious "Heroes in the Struggle Award," presented by the Black AIDS Institute (formerly known as the African American AIDS Policy and Training Institute.  She is currently a board member and Chief Financial Officer of Rue's House, one of the nation's first homeless shelters for women and children with AIDS.  She is one of the founders and past presidents of the Board of Directors for the Minority AIDS Project (MAP) and a past member of the governing boards of other organizations including AIDS Project Los Angeles (APLA).  She holds past and present affiliations with the Wilshire Division Police Advisory Commission, Stonewall Democratic Club, Mid-City Chamber of Commerce, AIDS Action Council and UCLA Chancellor's Advisory Committee on Gay and Lesbian Studies.  Ms. Thais-Williams is a founding member of the UCLA Lambda Alumni Association, which created the "Jewel Thais-Williams Professional Achievement Award" in her name.



4:23 am pdt

Friday, August 8, 2003

What's New
I've now added my own blog site here on FemmeNoir so I can wax poetic about love and life somewhere other than here, on the main site.  I've posted some things of interest to me including some of my poetry, journal entries and writings.  My blog site is http://www.femmenoir.net/adoweblog/.
Fashion is coming back and I'll post some designs from a wonderful African designer soon.
5:38 am pdt

Sunday, August 3, 2003

Thank You

bamboo media

An Urban Public and Media Relations Company

Saturday, August 2, 2003, 4:45 pm

Thak you to everyone who made it to the first of many community discussions around combating homophobia and building tolerance within the African-American community.  I especially thank the panelists Jewel-Thais Williams of the Catch One and The VIllage Health Foundation, Eva Georgia, General Manager of KPFk 90.7 FM, Ta'shia Asanti, poet and activist, 8th District Councilman Bernard Parks, 10th District Councilman Martin Ludlow and Earl Ofari Hutchinson, the President of the National Alliance for Positive Action.  I would also like to thank Kevin Herrera of the Los Angeles Wave Newpaper for working with me on the article that prompted this first meeting.  As we know this is a very serious and passionate topic in the African-American community.  Hopefully, through these dialogues we can build tolerance and understanding for one another and move together as a united race instead of divided.

If you have questions regarding the meeting, please feel free to contact me via email at .

The next meeting is scheduled for September and will be longer to accomodate the people.  I will keep you updated.

Thank you so very much!

Jasmyne Cannick

7:28 am pdt

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